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Dating purgatory:

That awkward stage when you are seeing someone and you have yet to have "the talk" about what the two of you want.
It's when you aren't sure if this is really a relationship you're both committed to, if its long term, if its more than just casual hook ups or dates.

Signs you're in dating purgatory:

1. You haven't deleted your dating apps
2. You're celebrating your one year anniversary of 'being complicated' on Facebook
3. You've been physically, but not emotionally close
4. You're scared to label the relationship. You don't consider each other BF or GF.

"If you get used to serial dating, you get used to not deeply connecting."

In this culture of dating apps and hook ups, do you think dating purgatory is real!?

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I like this article a lot. I think it's important to do personal self exploration to identify your goals as an individual. Having the communication with a partner to talk about each other's goals as individuals will help decide if you are meant to be or will work as a couple.
my ex and I were mostly physical (but not too physical) and he said "I love you" maybe twice? I said it back but too quiet so he never knew ._. and then we split up whOOP
From how I've seen everyone else's and from being there theorpist, I do believe it's real.
I get what it means, but I'm into that position right now, in a way. But, I still don't know the examples of knowing if u are or aren't.
I've stopped talking to guys that flirt with me, they really liked me but I didn't feel the same way, and I got a boyfriend and it felt like cheating just talking to them, not even flirting back, it just felt.. wrong. is that weird? I mean, he's the only guy that I haven't been afraid of losing in the sense that I don't think it'll happen. I don't even feel awkward around my ex because I know that nothing will happen. Quite honestly, this is the happiest I've been in awhile :) I haven't told anyone yet though, if they truly know me, they'd be able to tell :) things have only gotten better. I just can't put it all into words :)