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Happy June, Vinglers!

Time to switch into summer gear and show yourself the TLC you deserve! Here's what you need:


I can't say it enough - apply sunscreen, people! Your skin will thank you a lot. Even if its cloudy, even if you tan...sun screen it up! My favorite sunscreen brands: Neutrogena Sport (it doesn't come off with sweat! I used it all the time when I was on my school's tennis team) Neutrogena Clear Face or Ultra Sheer (less oily to prevent break outs!)

Aloe Vera everything

Aloe vera is so awesome. It's great for healing and hydrating your skin, boosting your immune system, and supporting healthy hair, digestion, and more! My favorite aloe vera products: - Aloe vera juice - Aloe vera gel


These aren't just to look cool! Many of us squint without even realizing it because of the sun, and sunglasses will help you avoid the wrinkles that come from that. Plus, depending on your eye color, the sun seriously stressed your eyes out. Give them a break and look glamorous in the mean time!

A hat

Everyone has a hat that looks good on them so don't try to argue with me that hats aren't your thing! They're awesome! They keep you cool, save your scalp and hair from sun damage, and protect your face too! Bonus if you get those huge sun hats that will keep even your shoulders protected.

A good book or movie

Do yourself a favor and get lost in a story. Even if it is only for an hour, taking your imagination to another place will help your be more creative and is proven to help your memory as well. So even if you can't go anywhere this summer, think about traveling via fiction.

Enough sleep

Your body loves sleep, so give it lots. Don't be afraid to take naps during the day, as that helps stress and blood flow. While you might get your required 6 hours a night by sleeping until noon, also remember your body likes to be synced with the sun. Try to sleep earlier and wake up with the sun once in a while!

A new hobby

Your brain needs constant challenges in order to stay alert and to grow. Pick up something new whether its knitting or rugby. Maybe you just want to take an online course about something you don't know about or you want to ride your bike more. Whatever it is, try something new this summer!

What do you do to show yourself some love?

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Does going to give finals count as a good hobby....!???... Seriously my finals less than 15 days away n that too at this time when everybody is having vacations.... So not fair...!! 馃槮馃様
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How I show myself some love is definitely putting on sunscreen, I love to wear hats and sunglasses during the summer, I also got a new bicycle and my Fiance and I try to take different trips every weekend where we can Bike, and we also plan to go to some Amusement Parks and the Beach. So lots to look forward to this Summer!
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Sunscreen! And don't forget your neck and chest, speaking from experience!
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Good list!!! This is also what I do!!!
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