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ok i wasnt tagged but seen it and wanted to try it. since i am bored. Chose Your Top 7 Biases (Doesn't have to be in order) Give them a role. There are 15 1. The Protector 2. The Shoulder to Cry On 3. The One Who Makes You Laugh The Most 4. The Aegyo Master 5. The Romantic Bias 6. The Best Friend 7. The One Who Would Embarrass You In Public On Purpose 8. The Prankster 9. The Best Dressed Bias 10. The One You Would Trust With Your Deepest Secret 11. The One Who Takes Care Of You When You're Sick 12. The One Who Buys You Anything You Want 13. The One Who Wants To Know You Better (The one who is creeping up your bias list) 14. The You're Currently Dating (The bias you can't stop thinking about) 15 The One That Will Never Let You Go (The bias that will always have a special place in your heart) Note: You can only use a bias 3 times. Also, make sure you explain why you chose that bias for that certain role My 7 biases are in order from UB to the 7th person. [Chen took Kai's place in 5th his original place is 8th] 1.Choi Seung Hyun ♡T.o.P♡ 2.Bang YongGuk 3.Kim Taehyung ♡V♡ 4.Im Jaebum ♡JB♡ 5.Kim Jongdae ♡Chen♡ 6.Song YunHyung 7.Son HyunWoo♡Shownu♡
1. the protection type i believe would have to be Shownu. he would the type to protect me in lots of ways.
2. my shoulder to cry on would have to be Yunhyung. he that one i could go and just cry to. and he would just know how to just be there for it.
3. the one who makes me laugh the most would have to be V. well do i have to explain this lol. like how could u not smile. and laugh at this adorable handsome man. that makes those faces too.
4. my aegyo master would be i say its V and YunHyung. but i am going to go wit Yunhyung. y is cause he is just so cute. V is more derp aegyo. but what the hell i am putting both lol.
5. my romantic bias lol well T.O.P. i feel like he would be the romantic type. this was kinda hard to pick between him and YongGuk. but T.o.P cause he loves wine and fancy places. too.
6. my best friend would be Jb and Chen. well he is caring and yeah.
7. who would embarrass me in public on purpose would most likely be JB. lol do u see the way he is with his members lol that man has no chill sometimes.
8. the Prankster would only be Chen duh. we all know he is a troll. i hate to admit it. but he is.
9. well my best dressed bias would be YongGuk. i like his style. i was going between YunHyung and him they kind of have that same style.
10. the one i would trust with my deepest secret would be Shownu. well only cause he is more of the quiet ones i have.
12. i think V would buy me anything i want. not that i would ask for a thing. but beening the caring type that he is would buy it just to make me happy.
13. i think Chen would be the one that would want to get to know me better. [since he did take Kai's place.]
14. currently dating my Hubby T.o.P the UB of course. im always thinking about him. he is the center of my wallpaper.
15. well YongGuk has been been one of my biases from when i 1st knew of B.A.P and still my b.a.p bias