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Everything in Taylor Swift's music video is intentional. Remember the blue dress Taylor Swift wore in the music video of " In the Woods'? It represents the blue dress she wore when her relationship with Harry Styles ended while at vacationing at the caribbean. She even wore the couple necklace.
After going through a marathon of Taylor Swift's music videos, I think the she has a message for the ladies who just recently broke up:

You may have lost him but you can find yourself a cooler and sexier dress.

Alright, so let's take a look at Taylor's best breakup dresses .

#1 The dreamy yellow dress from "The Wildest Dreams."

#2 The flowy open back purple dress from "Begin Again."

#3 Blue pleated dress from "Into the Woods."

#4 White chiffon dress from "Safe and Sound."

#5 White fitzgerald dress in "Style."

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I'm all about the Begin Again or Style dress :)