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The ultra-moisturizing sheet masks of East Asia have become something of a worldwide beauty trend over the past year or two. These days, here in the States, you can even stop off at Sephora or Urban Outfitters for your K-Beauty fix.
However, one Japanese skincare company is raising the beauty bar to terrifying heights - all thanks to their limited edition character sheet masks inspired by two extremely famous Japanese ghosts, Sadako and Kayako.

Horror fans might know Sadako as the ghoulish little girl from 'The Ring'.

As for Kayako? Well, who knew the ghost from 'The Grudge' would turn into a local beauty icon?

Currently, to promote a 'Sadako Vs. Kayako' film being released later this month, sheet masks of both girls are being sold together for 800 yen (roughly $7.30 USD), a small price to pay for making your loved ones crap themselves on your way to beautiful skin.
I showed this to one of my friends who's OBSESSED with beauty, but she said they're way too creepy for her to wear. However, this is my ideal skincare product. I mean, beauty regimens can get a little dull. You look a little scary already when you wear a sheet mask, right?

Would you buy one of these masks? Where are my fellow Japanese horror nerds?

Let me know what you think about them in the comments below, and for more weird products from the internet, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection.
Don't you just love Japanese ingenuity in little things like this? lol
to scare my friends via snapchat and Skype? HECK YEA
I saw an attack on titan beauty mask I wanted it so bad but it was 13$+ tax! ;-; I'm a broke college student cx
@danidee I looked like he giant red Titan.
@cindystran You get to hydrate your skin and prank your friends at the same time!
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