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Photography tip of the day
Pro tip Getting down to the children's level helps to create a spontaneous portrait, capturing their reactions Children play in the fountains at the Southbank Centre, outside the Royal Festival Hall. The hot weather is likely to continue across most of the country Photographer: David Levene for the Guardian
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thanks! i often forget that i can bend down, sit, satnd up on things, etc. when i'm taking pictures instead of just taking photos just standing up to grab cool angles....changing the angles can really make a difference!
@leecatlee @takashi02 did you know that the angle also determine a lot the meaning of the photo? For example in this photo, when you get down to the children level, you give the friendly capture. But if you take the photo from top down, it give the dominace feeling (From the viewer to the photo) And if you take the photo lower than eye leve, it give the domiance feeling to the subject :) I dont know if you could clearly understand my point
@tapsamai wow that's interesting! thanks for the tip, definitely will keep that in mind in the future :)