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Ready for The Kpop Song Game?!

This has been going on in Funny community but I think Kpop needs one of its own! Here's how you play:

1. Start with any Kpop song! 2. The first person comments a song title that shares a word (or a similar theme) with the song above! (Example: "Dream Girl" by SHINee becomes "I Need a Girl" by Taeyang!) 3. The next person does the same thing^^ If you can't think of any that relate, just name another song by the same artist!

Try to keep it Kpop only and let's see how long we can keep it going :3

I'll start us off with:

I Need U - BTS

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Beautiful Liar - VIXX LR
10 months ago·Reply
Stupid Liar - Big Bang
9 months ago·Reply
Stay- Big Bang
9 months ago·Reply
Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
9 months ago·Reply
Tonight- Big Bang
9 months ago·Reply