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This meme actually reminds me a lot more of my older sister, who basically falls asleep, like, 20 minutes into ANYTHING awesome. She fell asleep during my favorite episode of 'Rick & Morty' once, and her behavior has been UNFORGIVABLE since. (Jk, love you, Sis.)

Is anyone in your family like this when it comes to watching movies? Or maybe that person is YOU?

I feel ya, @VeronicaArtino. Add narcolepsy in to all of that and I can be hit and miss sometimes. (I have a prescription for a med that keeps me awake if I need it but I don't like to take unless I absolutely have to. >_< ) Honestly it really depends on what I'm watching and how tired I am. I think I do pretty well considering I'm a binge anime watcher! :P
this is me sometimes not going to lie but it maybe because I am a mom and I work then come home and clean and cook and play with my child that the moment I have a relaximg min to watch a movie if it doesn't hold my attention in the first 15-20 mins I'll fall asleep but if it grabs my attention I'll be wide awake and then falling asleep at work the next day...lol
@cardboardart HAHAHA My mom was like that too. Or she'll remember a funny quote from it and still use it 10 - 15 years later.
@danidee yes. She never a remembers it and the next day she comes up to me and asks what the movie was about again.....even though she still won't remember it.
@cardboardart Bahaha does she get confused again later on?
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