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This meme actually reminds me a lot more of my older sister, who basically falls asleep, like, 20 minutes into ANYTHING awesome. She fell asleep during my favorite episode of 'Rick & Morty' once, and her behavior has been UNFORGIVABLE since. (Jk, love you, Sis.)

Is anyone in your family like this when it comes to watching movies? Or maybe that person is YOU?

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@anitadutoit What kind of research does she do?
It's more like my mom pulls out her phone and starts playing on it. Then every five minutes she asks me what's going on and explain the entire movie to her.......
@cardboardart Bahaha does she get confused again later on?
@danidee yes. She never a remembers it and the next day she comes up to me and asks what the movie was about again.....even though she still won't remember it.
@cardboardart HAHAHA My mom was like that too. Or she'll remember a funny quote from it and still use it 10 - 15 years later.