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Youngjae respectfully tells us to back off!

Hello Ahgases! here is the translation of the instagram message Youngjae write about respecting his privacy
Hello. This is GOT7′s Youngjae. Everyday I gain strength from the love that fans give. However, there are some who take photos and videos at places like the airport or when we are spending personal time. I think we need to be more respectful of each other. (For example, at times when the entire screen of my cellphone is shown.) I’m worried that people following us and continuing to take photos when we are moving to a different location might fall. I would also like for people to be more careful not to disrupt other individuals in public places. I am also very worried about a dangerous situation happening to those who stay until dawn in front of our dormitory and to those who follow us in cars when we are going to a location for individual schedules. I would like to continue meeting each other in a safe and healthy manner. Thank you very much for reading my poor writing. I really love you Ahgases. Let’s continue to stay together for a long time. (If anyone can translate this into Japanese, Chinese, English, or Thai, I would really appreciate it…)
Honestly, being a idol is very hard.. you can only go out during the week day early hours when people are working and in school, vacationing had to be somewhere people might not recognise them, I mean the things are endless! I feel so bad for Got7 because they literally have girls that have too much time on their hands following them everywhere. I think even for international fans sometimes we do certain things to make the idols uncomfortable. well, ahgases what you guys think about this? I think he is so polite and I kind of want to know what incident triggered this long reply.
I think it's really sad that no matter how many times idols ask fans not to follow them everywhere and to respect them fans just ignore them and keep doing it. How many times do they need to say it for it to sink in guys? Let's all please repect their wishes and back off!
@KellyOConnor @Ticasensei your right it's is the young girls they think they can't miss out on their lives but don't care about there own. it's sad that young girls do this our idols they don't understand that they are people too. some time I wish I could smack very last one of them but I cant. I wish there was a way to show these girls the life of being an idols. most of them thinks it's fun and games. but they really don't understand I think Young Jae is sweat for what he say and asked that people to translate his writing.
@KellyOConnor I feel like it's mostly very young girls ( I've seen) that get very obsessed with them. like really? sleeping outside their form and waiting on them? so scary
@AlenaSegura right, that means who knows what happened. and out of all, for him to say it I was like wow this sucks!
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