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I sure don't!!!

Honestly, I always loved makeup. I've gone through phases of wearing it and not wearing it, but I really don't remember the first time I actually put it on. It was so long ago! I do remember putting blue eyeshadow ALLLLL over my eyes/face & coming downstairs to my parents to declare that I was now Mimi (from the Drew Carey Show).

These women learned to do their own makeup for the first time, and a lot of them loved it!

So, do you remember the first time you put on makeup?

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yes I remember it painfully, not only my face looked like an abstract painting, I ruined my mom's favourite channel lip stick and I got caned for that :(
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when I was 11 but it wasn't me who do the makeup but my teacher for my theater dance show. aftet that, I use only face powder until I was 18
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Oo girl don't get me started XD I used my DS as a mirror be my lazy ass didn't want to get up and find proper lighting and a mirror XD I legit looked like a clown. Dark red lips bright pink cheeks not completely blended foundation and it wasn't even my shade, blue eyes that were just ugh and used black to contour..... Why black? I watched transformation bids thinking that was the way to go..... Now the memories haunt me XD
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I don't remember. I know I used to beg my mom to do my make up when I was little, and I would get into her eye shadow and lipstick all the time, but the first time I seriously did my own????? Lost in the fog of history
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Hahhaa 馃槀 oh yeah!! I messed it all up on my first try!!! I should have taken a picture of it. It was so funny!'
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