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They, which were scattered... travelled, ... preaching The Word. There was a pile of logs burning on the edge of some woods. The wind determined to put out the fire, and, gathering itself into a tempest, violently assaulted it. The result was, the coals were carried through the woods, falling among the dry leaves and underbrush. Instead, therefore, of putting out the fire, the storm only scattered it everywhere, for every hot coal started a new burning, and soon the whole forest was ablaze. It was not in the minds of the first believers to take the gospel to the nations outside. Persecution was an effort to put out the heavenly fire. Instead of this, however, it only drove the Christians into parts of the world. So it happened that a thousand little churches were started. The name of Barnabas shines brightly here. If he had been a narrow man he might have checked the work. But he was a good man, full of love and of the Holy Spirit, and the work prospered.