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What's up guys, John here. SM STATION has released the next artists that will be featured on their next single. Girls' Generation Tiffany and solo artist Simon Dominic have been confirmed to be the next artists on SM Station. They released the teaser image you see above on Girls' Generation Twitter account. The image was released with the hashtags #SMSTATION #heartbreakhotel #HBH #destination #티파니 #사이먼도미닉 #0610. This let us know that the track will most likely be titled "Heartbreak Hotel" and it will be released June 10th. This will be the 18th single from SM STATION.
The most recent release from SM STATION was the trot genre single from comedians Yoon Jung Soo and Kim Sook, singing “You’re the Boss.” The two are currently appearing in JTBC variety show “The Greatest Couple” as a virtual married couple. Credit to Article here.

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ohhh can't wait