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Hello Everyone Krystal here.!!!! So we finally are having more idols speaking out about sasaeng fans. Youngjae wrote this on his instagram account for everyone to see. Not only did he tell them to stop following them around, he also was so nice about this he told them that he doesn't want anyone getting injured. Also in the very end he told everyone to translate it into different languages, meaning he means everyone everywhere. So be careful and modest towards your idols because they don't like that sasaeng buisness. If you see anyone on a vacation please, dont chase them they're there for relaxation. Im actually happy he told them how he feels and he was so polite about it. What about you how do you feel about this.?
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same here, they should stop, our idols shouldn't have to be worried about fans following them
I love that he did this - I wish more idols would step up and tell these fans to chill out.