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Hange Zoe - Attack on Titan

Hange is such a geek and a weirdo, just my kind of girl! She's adorable and has such passionate curiosity! I just love her!

Honorable Mentions

I usually try to limit myself to 5 honorable mentions, but I couldn't knock any of these out, so you get a bonus!

Rio Nakamura - Assassination Classroom

There is a good handful of great picks from Assassination Classroom, but I think I'll feature Nakamura, with Karma Akabane coming in at a close second. I love Rio's attitude and how she's a bit of a troll!

Shiro - Deadman Wonderland

Shiro is so adorable and crazy, a bit of a mystery, and I love her! She just kinda does what she wants and is such a fun character!

Erika Karisawa/Walker Yumasaki - Durarara!!

Let's face it, we'd all be besties with this otaku dynamic duo!

Levy McGarden - Fairy Tail

Levy's so adorable and sweet, and smart and super helpful, too! I would totally be besties with this solid script mage! Back off, Gajeel, she's mine! Jk - please become canon!!!

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin - Ouran High School Host Club

Fred and George Weasley - anime style! These trolls are probably my favorite part of OHSHC!

Lisbeth - Sword Art Online

Lisbeth doesn't take shit from anyone! Well, I guess she takes a little from Kirito... I think I love her for her snark. I feel like I'd be a lot like her (yeah, including falling for Kirito :/ literally!).
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Until next time!
omg i love the twins XD
Shiro-chan really would be an awesome friend to have!