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Denny's 馃嵆 in馃崹Japan
Uji matcha pancakes
Uji matcha taramisu with shiratama dango
Uji matcha sundae
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aw no we can make it hapoen lol i want to watch now^^ ok
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@superjkob I split a cream cheese covered pancake, some bacon, and some cheese eggs. Not as amazing as what they would serve in Japan. Sorry for taking a while to respond, just checked my 99+ notifications from a week xD
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@NathanBryden whoops, shoulda tagged you in the comment above as well. Sowwyyy ^^||
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@TwyStar its aight haha and wow. you seem like a popular person
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@superjkob naaah it's just @AnimeNerdie(love ya!) tagging her/his followers in all of her/his posts ^_^ lol and things like other people commenting on posts that I've liked and/or commented on. Even if I'm not tagged, it's weird.
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