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This is my VERY FIRST TAIWANESE DRAMA. I'm watching this now & i love it(x Its a new drama, so it only has 4 episodes out. I accidentally came by this and watched the opening and i thought it'll be cute [x So I gave it a chance ^o^/ NOW I LOVE IT ^.^ I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THIS<3. You don't need to hurry and watch it because there's only 4 episodes out but if you want to, go ahead (x You'll Love It !!<3
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@ecca The main girls name is Liang Liang & The main guy is Mr. Qi, im guessing but i call him Aaron, his real name aha. Also Liang Liangs friends are Kate & Princess.
@KDramaFreak I dnt realy get what u mean,but the is cute anyway,thanks
@ecca sorry ^^' & Your welcomee (:
@KDramaFreak :-Daraso
I love this drama. My third taiwanese drama.