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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Warning: (M), Language
Length: 1333 words
Summary: “No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass.
Part: 6/?
A/N: Sorry again guys. I don’t even have an excuse today hahah I just wasn’t feeling it :(
I got there at 7 on the dot. I had spent the day sending death threats to Jimin, still pissed that he had asked me to do this. I really shouldn’t have given in to the temptation of free food. Damn it.
He was waiting outside, wearing a smart looking jumper with some jeans. “Where I they?”, I asked, not bothering to greet him. “They said they’ll be here in five minutes, so we can go wait inside. I reserved a table yesterday.” He smiled at me. “You look-”
“-Beautiful. Yeah I know”, I said rolling my eyes as I walked inside. He followed closely behind,snickering. He knew better than to answer back, because he knew I’d go home, or mess this up for him.
Jimin stopped me from going in further as he told the waitress at the small desk that he had a reservation, while I stood next to him gawking at the large restaurant. I felt out of place here- all the other woman here were in long flowy dresses and looked rich as fuck.
Jimin tugged my arm gently to snap me back to reality as we both followed the waitress to our table. As he took a seat next to me on the four-seat table, she threw him a soppy grin and he smiled back.
I looked away- the cringe was too much. My next problem was the table’s location. It was slap bang in the middle of the restaurant, so everyone could see us. I wanted somewhere in the corner.
“How and when did we meet?”, I asked him to refresh my memory as soon as the waitress finally fucked off. He sighed. “Y/n, we went through all this on the phone earlier.”
“I was too busy cussing you out to pay attention.”
“We met at work. A few months back. And things kicked off. OK?” As soon as I nodded, we heard an elderly woman’s voice. “Jiminnie!” I snorted as he threw me a death glare before standing up to greet his mother. His father was stood right behind her, looking like he wanted to be here even less than I did.
After hugging him, she came for me. “And you must be y/n!” She pulled me into a hug too, and she nearly bowled me over with the ungodly amount of perfume she was wearing. She could literally have been classed as a public disturbance, smelling like that.
I opted to shake his dads hand, just in case he had doused himself in cologne and sat back down. His mum sat opposite him and his dad sat opposite me. The same waitress was back, handing us menus.
“You have good taste Jimin”, his mum hummed, eyeing me up and down. “She’s very pretty” I kept my eye on the menu, reading it to find something I liked. I would’ve said ‘thank you’ but she was talking to Jimin, not me.
We finally ordered the food and I was sat there as Jimin and his father chatted about fuck knows what, when his mum decided to annoy me by making me speak. “So y/n dear, how did you two meet?” She could have just asked Jimin and saved me the trouble, but no.
The forced smile Jimin threw me told me that a small voice at the back of his head was screaming at him, ‘She’s gonna fuck this up!’ I turned back to his mother and gave her a sweet smile, and repeated word for word what Jimin had told me earlier.
“We met at work a few months back. And things kicked off.” She beamed at me. “I can’t believe you kept her a secret from us son”, his dad butted in. Jimin grasped my hand and I internally grimaced. This whole scene was making me want to puke rainbows.
I didn’t want to hold his hand but I had to grin and bare it. Plus, it goes without saying that me and Jimin had done a lot more than holding hands, so this was nothing.
All our food arrived at once, still by the same waitress. She wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that she had a thing for Jimin. I grinned to myself when I saw his parents eye her up and down disapprovingly.
This was a good service. No waiting around for main and desert, just tuck in and keep eating until you’re done. I was contemplating visiting here more often, until I remembered the prices on the menu.
I yanked my hand away from Jimin’s, eager to get some food down me, when I saw something silver move in my peripheral vision, my insides instantly freezing. Oh no. No no NO. My instincts had been right. It wasn’t just a coincidence I had seen him that night, Yoongi was a regular here. Fuck.
I dared to look up, to catch him winking at the same waitress who had served us, the two of them laughing like they were friends. Which they might well have been if he came here like everyday. Yoongi wasn’t one to be short of cash, so he could afford it. I couldn’t see the girls face he was with, but I knew from her hair that it was the same girl as last time. I looked back down, no longer wanting to see his face.
“Y/n sweetie, everything alright?” I looked up to meet his mothers gaze. “Yeah Mrs Park, I’m fine thank you.” She smiled and turned her attention back to her plate. His dad was already engrossed in eating, so Jimin took the opportunity to give me a thumbs up. He looked relieved.
I hoped this meant his parents would get off his back about finding a girl. I started eating as quick as I could, hoping to get out of ear fast. Yoongi had probably seen me, seeing as we were sat somewhere everyone could see. Jimin leaned in to me and whispered “That man over there with the silver hair...he’s been staring at you for a while. You know him?”
Before I could answer, my phone rang, making me jump. “Oh sorry”, I apologised to the three people seated before me. I glanced briefly at the caller ID. Jungkook. I frowned. What the hell did he want?
I looked back up. “I’m really sorry, it’s work”, I lied, acting apologetic. I wouldn’t normally take the call, but one, there was a reason for him calling, or he’d leave a text and two, I didn’t want to be in the same room as Min Yoongi.
I stepped outside, waiting for him to pick up, which he did- almost immediately.
“Babe!” I recoiled at his loud voice.
“What the fuck Jungkook, tone it down a little!”
“Guess what?” He sounded smashed.
“For fuck’s sake Jungkook, now is not the time to piss about”, I growled.
“I dumped her. I left her y/n, I did it!” My eyes widened. He always talked about how he ‘loved’ her, and he had walked away. Something major must have gone down. He’d probably caught her in the act.
“You did what?”
I could almost hear him pout. “Did I make a mistake?”
“No Jungkook. You don’t make mistakes. You fucking date them. I’ll text you in a bit OK? I’m a bit busy helping Jimin out right now.”
“Oh yeah! The fake date! How’s it going?”
“Shit. I mean the food’s good but I don’t want to be here.I’m going now, OK? Stop drinking to your death.” He was laughing when I cut the call. I exhaled and whirled back around to go inside- but instantly froze.
There he was casually leaning on the wall, arms crossed, staring. Min Yoongi. I calmed my nerves, reminding myself to breathe. His suit was encased in a long overcoat, and he was wearing his horn-rimmed glasses instead of contacts.How long had he been stood there, and didn’t his bitch care that he had suddenly gone AWOL?
“Y/n”, he drawled out, lazily enunciating each syllable of my name. He was in the way of the entrance so I couldn’t walk past. “Long time, no see. You look good.”
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HOLY JIMIN'S ABS!! It had to be Yoongi....oh jesus. Although this chapter is perfect, you don't have to feel pressured to update all the time. Take your time and rest
This just left wanting more! I hope jimin comes to the rescue! Don't push it you need a break we understand!
aw please take a rest! pushing yourself for us isn't what we want! we love when you update but not at the cost of your own relaxation an happiness!
I love how jungkook dumped his gf xD was it because of y/n??? //wiggles eyebrows
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