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I was just scrolling through Pinterest looking at kpop pictures when I started thinking about Rap Monster and some of the shit I have heard about him recently. In particular I thought about how some people have said he is ugly. He may not be the traditional flower boy idol that many people think of, but let's be honest - Namjoon is sexy as hell. There is just something about him that makes me think all kinds of..... thoughts... This is a trait I have seen in a lot of rappers, and Rap Mon definitely has it. Anyway, as I am looking at pics of him and thinking how sexy he is, this happens:
and there it is, lol! Thank you Namjoon for reminding me that no matter how much you give off that sexy bad boy image, underneath you are still a dork. And that is why I love you ❀
Ain't nothing ugly bout Kim Namjoon.. NOTHING.. He's beautiful inside and out.
he can be sexy af to dorky af in the amount of 0.0002 seconds
@LemonLassie *cries* now i'm scared :c I feel like Namjoon will sneak up behind me and whisper hello in my ear with that deep voice of his and i'll just die on spot...... *shivers*
@Sailynn so i had a talk today with @Helixx, GD has been my UB forever and offically the King is down. Namjoon has replaced him. And i tried so hard and for so long to not let it happen but it did. If you saw my phone, I have more photos of Joonie than ANY other member and other groups, COMBINED. Its has happened. All hail Namjoon aka Susan
Joonie has the 3 bases' down. 1. legs 2. voice 3. smile And if you say otherwise you just aren't looking hard enough cause this boy is absolute flawless even when he's not
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