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The Ultimate Brownie Recipe!

If you're looking for a go-to brownie recipe to add to your baking arsenal, I guarantee this is the BEST brownie recipe out there, hands down!
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Omg, yes. I was about to say the same thing @hmfong. My eyes went straight to that delicious crackle.
@danidee i'm a sucker for the crispy crunchy bits of anything (corners. are. the. best)!
@hmfong That reminds me of those pans you can find in the As Seen On TV section where the whole pan creates corner pieces.
@danidee oh ya, the ones that look like mazes. i refuse to get one bc 1) i'd eat too many and 2) they seem like a pain to clean, lol.
@hmfong I'm just not a fan of single-use kitchen things. I just admire it from afar lol.