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Here it is! Enjoy =]
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I found a song on Beautiful Liar by LR that I just wrote into the story - Leo wrote it and he sings it solo on the album. It's Amazing. If I find more of him I'll let you know - the vid of that song with the story will probably be posted within the next couple days @KpopBeat
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@GriseldaZenger I have heard that song. I actually have the album, and I do read your fanfictions
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Ha ha I know you do.. So you know have the inside know of the song in their head ;)
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@GriseldaZenger yay I do love having inside information.
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Their voices give my chills. Leo's voice always gave me chills, Eunkwang voice is so majestic. Dahyun and Youngjae are just as beautiful. I love this collaboration
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