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* Beautiful picture done by the amazing wifey @twistedPuppy * Thank you a million times <3. Thank you all for waiting patiently for this chapter! Sorry about taking so long!
“ Are you even listening to me Hanbin?” I sighed into the phone as music blared into my ear from the other end of the phone. “ Hmm? Oh yeah sorry what were you saying Y/n?” He mumbled into the phone half-heartedly finally annoyed I quickly hung up the phone in frustration. I would be lying if I said nothing had changed in these last 6 months because it obliviously has, but shortly after we started dating Hanbin became distance now he was barely paying attention on our nightly calls. I knew he was training hard, but something just felt off about his attitude. After about 20 minutes with no word after I rudely hung up the phone I was starting to worry just as there was a loud knock on my door. “ Y/n let's go.” Hanbin smiled towards me while bending over trying to catch his breath. “ Did you run all the way here?!” I yelled looking towards shocked while he only smiled brightly before wrapping his arms around me. “ Well of course I made you mad.” He whispered near my ear as he ran his fingers through my hair. “ Well yeah, but I mean it was stupid to get mad.” I said dropping my face at how childish I had been. “ No it wasn't I have been so busy I haven't been paying you much attention so to make up for it we are going on a date.” He smiled while pulling me along with him out the door heading towards god knows where. “ It's the middle of the night Binnie where on earth are you taking me.” I couldn't help but laugh at how excited he looked as he lead the way. “ It's a surprise.” He smirked sticking out his tongue as I playfully shoved him. It didn't take long until we were sitting on the ground near the Banpo bridge looking out towards the light show they were doing. “ Whoa it has been song long since we came here I forgot how beautiful it was.” I smiled laying my head onto his shoulder while he pulled me closer. “ It may be beautiful, but it has nothing on your beauty.” He smiled not taking his eyes off of me as I pushed him lightly. “ Ya! That was so cheesy.” I smiled towards him and next thing I knew I was laying the grass erupting with laughter. “ Kim Hanbin Stop tickling me!” I yelled in between laughs while he smiled down towards me. “ And ruin my fun I don't think so.” He smirked evilly as he showed no signs of letting up anytime soon then all the sudden my breath caught in my throat. Wait? Is this really happening? I opened my eyes widely looking at Hanbin's now closed one as his lips were slightly pressed into mine. “ I I'm sorry.” He quickly pulled away as his face turned an extremely cute shade of red. “ You are too cute.” I laughed quickly kissing his cheek as his face got darker if possible. It was quite for a while as we both watched the beautiful light's coming off the bridge. “ Y/n there is something I have to tell you.” He started breaking the silence as he slowly looked towards me seriously. “ Idiot why are you getting all serious out of no where what's wrong.” I said nervously looking towards him as his eyes refused to meet mine. After what felt like years he finally shook his head as if trying to clear his thoughts before answering. “ Well it's more ask than tell.” He smiled looking towards me while taking my hand. “ I know we won't get to talk much here soon, and its really selfish to ask this.” He paused looking away embarrassed. “ I was wondering if on the nights you are still awake when I am on the way home since I pass your house anyway. Can I come by for a second just to say hi?” He rambled on unable to look towards me afraid of my answer. “ Of course you can idiot.” Laughing I playfully pushed him once again just as the lights started to flash. “ Well that is our cue to head home.” He smiled leaping to him feet before helping me up pulling me into him. “ Have I told you how beautiful you are today?” He smiled looking into my eyes as I felt my face flush. “ Yeah I think you mentioned something like that.” I tired to play it off while averting my gaze. “ Well it true you are the most beautiful person in the world to me.” He smiled bringing his face closer towards mine placing his lips on my forehead. “ Let's get you home.” He smirked grabbing a hold of my hand pulling me along once again. True to his word for the next 5 months almost every night on his way home Hanbin would always stop by for a few minutes. He would always call before he came by to make sure I was up, but tonight I wanted to surprise him. I quickly ignored the buzzing from my phone as I hid out of sight waiting for my chance to pounce. A little while later I heard voices heading my way which I found odd since he should be alone. “ Bobby you know we didn't have to come this way.” I heard Hanbin say making my blood run cold. Wait I must of heard him wrong there is no way right? “ What are you talking about you know this is the quickest way to your house.” I heard him laugh that all to familiar laugh. It can't be he would of told me he was back right? I tried to deny what I was hearing as I slowly made my way out from hiding after they passed. “ Plus you said Y/n was asleep right?” The person who I could only guess was Jinhwan said as I watched them. Just then Bobby turned around feeling my eyes on them as tears blurred my vision. “ Bobby?” I asked making everyone freeze as they all turned to me horrified. “ How long?” I said unable to move while Hanbin closely watched unsure what to do. “ Since our birthday.” Bobby sighed looking anywhere, but towards me. Wait did I hear him right? Our birthday as in last year? “ You have been here a year?” I asked not believing what I was hearing as he finally looked towards me. “ I'm sorry.” Was all he said when it finally hit me. He came back, but never told me and to make it worse neither did Hanbin as my eyes looked towards him. “ You promised me you wouldn't hide anything from me! But did it slip your mind to mention someone very important to me was back! You saw how I was after he left, but you didn't tell me!” I yelled hysterically as tears fell from my eyes as they tried to slowly make there way towards me. “ No stay the hell away from me!” I yelled slowly backing away making Hanbin and Jinhwan freeze where they stood. “ There is a perfectly good reason your boyfriend didn't tell you Y/n.” Bobby said calmly as he got closer and closer towards me. “ I don't care what his reason is he promised me. Just like you promised me yet you both broke it so easily!” I yelled making them cringe with my harsh careless words as I took off running not knowing where I was headed. I ran for what felt like forever before a hand wrapped around my wrist pulling me to a stop. My hand flew before I knew what I was doing as it made contact with the persons face who stopped me. “ Okay I definitely deserved that one.” Bobby tried to smile as he lightly touched where he was just hit. “ I told you to stay away I don't want to hear it.” I whispered as he pulled me into his arms as I cried hysterically. “ I asked him not to tell you, I couldn't bring myself to face you.” He whispered so quietly I almost missed it. “ You are both idiots!” I yelled as I started hitting him as tears fell from my eyes at an alarming rate, but his arms never budged. “ Well I can't deny that either.” He laughed stroking my hair trying to calm my tears just as Jinhwan and Hanbin came to a stop a little ways away watching. “ I missed you so much idiot!” I cried while hitting him weakly. “ Yeah I missed you too idiot.” He chuckled while rubbing my back like he used to when we were kids. “ Don't be to hard on Binnie he wanted to tell you.” He sadly laughed humourlessly averting his eyes. “ Jiwon let me go I need to go home.” I said finally as if reality just slapped me in the face. Without another word to him I took off running, but not before I saw the look on Hanbin's face as he watched the entire thing. All I knew was that Bobby was back, and has been for a year. Yet neither Hanbin nor Bobby could be bothered to tell me, and for just a moment I forgot I was dating Hanbin until Bobby mentioned his name. Quickly pulling out my phone I called up first person I could think of that could help. “ Oppa I need your help.” I cried into the phone as I heard a door slam along with heavy breathing. “ Open the door Y/n I will be there in just a second.” His voice said breathless into the phone as I quickly opened the door just in time for his arms to quickly wrap around me.
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@xoxorittie we both nasty nasty xD jk I'm sorry @Sammie99522
Honestly how is it that you and @twistedPuppy are such amazing writers?! I love your guys' works!
@KpopQueenaBee I'm sure you could figure it out easily so I need to stop giving hint xD
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