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#3 Gakuen Alice This is the only one out of my top three that has an anime adaptation. Mikan Sakura grew up with her grandfather on the countryside of Japan. When her best friend, Hotaru, transfers to a prestigious school in Tokyo, Mikan follows her. The school is actually an elite Academy for gifted people with "Alices," an ability that is unique depending on the individual being. Once Mikan arrives at the gates of the school, she encounters an Alice teacher named Narumi, gets enrolled due to a series of events, and is told that she possesses a rare Alice. There's a lot of lies and deceit so it's more dramatic than tragic, but still a good read/watch.
#2 Kitchen Princess Why this hasn't been made into an anime I don't know but it really needs to be! Talk about some left turns man! There's parts where you find yourself asking "what the heck!" It's about a girl named Najika Kazami. She's an aspiring chef and she's also an orphan. As a child she fell into a river and was saved by a boy. She can't remember his face but she remembers he gave her flan to cheer her up. Before he left, she promised to make him the best-tasting dessert in the world. Now on a journey to find her "flan prince," as she calls him, Najika attends Seika Academy in Tokyo, after she learned that the silver spoon her flan prince left her is unique to the school.
#1 Koizora So I had this manga book marked for a long time and put off reading it for a long time. But when I finally did give it a chance, I wondered why I didn't read it sooner! It doesn't have an anime adaptation, but it has a movie that's kind of want to watch. Mostly because I'm a nerd and like to nitpick at similarities and differences lol. But all in all, this manga is a real roller coaster. You have romance, tragedy, drama, moments that really tug on your heart strings. It's about a shy girl named Mika who ends up dating the popular bad boy and they fall deep in love. And from then just a whole lot of crap happens. Some unbelievable stuff. But because of that, you'll probably finish the whole series in a day or two. Give it a chance and I'm confident it'll become one of your favorites.
What are some of your favorite tragic manga/anime? Let me know! And if you read/watch any of the above let me know too! \(^o^)/
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@kekers96 I finally had a chance to read black bird. It's good! Misao is such a crybaby lol
@LCordz I know right! I want to slap her sometimes but it is good regardless.
@kekers96 Kyo was making me mad towards the end too! I'm glad you recommended it. Thank you :)
@LCordz Lol yes but I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is my pleasure.^_^
@maddsanzen I finally got a chance to read Akuma to love song. Thanks for recommending that lol. Once I started i had to finish it as soon as I could. Is it still on going? I really liked it. Meguro kept making me mad lol