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Can't All Just Get Along
Ever since SM released EXO's newest teaser Lucky One, there has been a lot of drama between armies and EXO-Ls.
and as a army and EXO-L, I feel the need to say something now. The emotions in myself just started to bubble up...
All these vicious rumors about EXO copying BTS, saying that EXO running is just like BTS Run. from what I could tell these are coming from fake armies and trolls.
In just hoping this doesn't interfere with the fanbases' already troublesome relationship. Especially since both groups have explosive tempers and hold some serious grudges. We should support each other not bring other groups down. So all I'm asking for is your support and to help spread peace among the fan bases. 鈽衡樅鈽衡樅
At this point, I hope they don't either.
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honestly when that first picture of the person saying exo copied bts I thought they were being sarcastic because the me that seemed like someone was making fun of someone else
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I like both BTS and EXO, but when asked, I say I'm a proud Melody (which I am). No one seems to bother the Melodies.
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who starts this sh!t anyway... >.> I like both groups btw
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I don't understand why people can't get along with others. And yeah I felt a bunch of sarcasm off the first comment on the first pic @SarahVanDorn but I don't think the person who commented understood it. But I mean a lot of people run in MVs. I'd rather not list but I don't get why these people who call themselves ARMYs are doing.
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@sarahdarwish right it's messed up
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