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This is so heartbreaking, but I'm so grateful to MadClown for giving him a chance. I think we can agree with him, he is very wise. Because Seungyoun's potential is massive and I think this experience will certainly help him grow as a rapper. He did very well and I would have felt awful if he'd have failed across the board. He's such a trooper. He takes all these criticisms and you just know he's taking them to heart and he's going to work on what was said. He's so respectful and nods politely even when they say things that are hard to hear. He'll step his game up. But he's not going to change himself either. He's going to prove that idol rappers can still be rappers. He writes lyrics and that's the true sign of a rapper to me. If you can write the words as well as you can deliver them, then I say you're a good rapper. I think he's going to be able to follow in the footsteps of the few idol rappers who broke the mold, saying to everyone that even idols can spit fire.

Go Cho Seungyoun! We believe in you!

Rant ahead.

By the way, my little parting word here about his "noisy voice" is Eminem. Period. You want a noisy voice, check out Eminem. See how far he got with that noisy voice? Wanna know why? The mother fucker had talent. Wanna know who else has talent? Cho Seung-fucking-youn.

Noisy voice? Pssh! Have you super awesome rapper judges ever heard of, oh I dunno...Ice Cube, Tech N9ne, Lil Jon, some of the old Dre, NWA, and again, Eminem. Even Lil Wayne has had some good shit with that funny ass voice of his! I bet you have heard of them because they're famous as fuck. I bet you like them because they're good. But wait! They're loud when they rap...they're kinda noisy, so they must be bad right?

I just. Can't. I wanna bet they said that generic ass statement because he's an idol.

Seungyoun does speed rap and has a voice like he does, he honestly reminds me a tad of Eminem. He's hard working and lives for music.

He's got talent, he's gonna prove it.

And yeah, maybe I'm being overly sensitive. I'm obsessed with music, I'm sensitive, but I'm absolutely analytical. His rap is great, but I can undoubtedly say that his singing is not his strong point what so ever. I can be unbiased.

It's not that I'm upset so much by the fact they didn't like him, it's that they made some weak ass comment like that. That's not criticism, that's just insulting. I don't watch this show, but if I did, I don't think I'd like a lot of what they say. I grew up on old school, west coast rap. I have listened to true rap since I was in my mother's womb! I know a good rapper when I fucking see one! These dudes seem like a bunch of snobs.

Why don't you guys all take some lessons from the OGs. Like Coolio and Warren G. You know, like that idol group BTS did! Because idol rappers can fucking rap you high and mighty twats!

Now, I don't know these guys. I don't know they're music. I'm sure they're great, that they've made they're names known. But I can easily see that they obviously had a preconceived notion about an idol rapper, that they didn't want to even bother with a legitimate critique. Like he wasn't worth it. True musicians should be able to see music for what it is, without being biased over the person performing it. I don't like Bieber as a person, he's a tool, but many of his songs are catchy and he can definitely sing. If you're going to be a judge on a music show, judge the music and not the background of the person performing it. What they've done up to that point should not matter. They should be a blank slate and what they show on that stage, is what they should be judged by.

Simon Cowell is an asshole. But even he will throw out some legitimate criticisms when he destroys someone's dream. If a person is serious about what they're doing, he gives them something to work with.

Rap is a nasty game. I know that. But these judges should be judges. They should want to mold the next generation of rappers. Not insult them. They're there to judge, not put on a one sided insult battle. And yeah, they could have said worse, and they probably would have if MadClown hadn't have shut it down like he did.

All I can say is Suga please, please go on this show and kill the competition in a single verse. I'm begging you. Show these guys what's up.

Agree or disagree, this is my opinion. Music is music, you honestly shouldn't judge it based on the people making it. You should judge the music itself.

Rant over.

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TBH He did amazing unlike another idol in a previous season which I rather not mention name. And sometimes people who pass by one producer do better then people who get an ALL PASS I havent seen season 5 yet because Im barely seeing season 4 but Im looking forward to it.
I completely agree with you, it seems like they're so quick to judge just bc he's an idol. they're not giving him a chance and ik he may not be as good as some of the other ppl but like you said he has potential and is going to work hard. thank goodness for mad clown for giving him that chance.
Can your rant become the prayer of rappers please? Because everything that you said is completely true.
I can definitely see why you would be upset. He definitely has potential. That being said, mnet makes huge deals out of the tiniest things and I wouldn't put it past mnet to convince the judges into doing things that might cause drama, such as barely passing someone with potential or passing someone who is obviously not as great as other contestants. There are also some really great rappers who have lost to those who (in my opinion) aren't as great, so don't get too worked up about smtm since a ton of it is bs drama (which makes it fun to watch tbh). At least Seungyoun can use this opportunity to improve his skills and become the rapper he wants to be.
Yay ^_^ @MonAnnahiX he's got a lot of potential in my opinion
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