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K-Pop's Legendary Doughnut Jacket!!
Turns out June 3rd is National Doughnut Day. Who knew huh? Anyway in honor of this glorious celebration I've decided to celebrate the famous doughnut jacket known throughout the K-Pop world!!!

Jay Park

"Sexier Than You Doughnut"

Vernon from SEVENTEEN

"Too Young For You Doughnut"

Mark from GOT7

"Dabbin Doughnut"

Jungkook from BTS

"The Golden Doughnut"


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@DanaMichelle @VKookie47 thank you for the feedback guys ^_^
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there seems to be holes all over the hoodie
a year ago·Reply
I feel ya it's good to know what you're paying for! It's not a thick sweater it does not have the soft cotton on the inside, its just the material of the sweater. My sister said the hood is a bit small so if you like to wear your hood up you can get a size larger. Other than that she said the color is good and it's comfy. @MadAndrea
a year ago·Reply
it's been fine after all the times I wore it, get a large size it does run small, you should also hang dry it when you wash it. @MadAndrea
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