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"What are you doing here?!" You said to Jimin as he glared at you and Namjoon. "I came to show you I changed.." He said "but it seems like I was a little to late" he said glaring at Namjoon "Jimin you had your chance" You said you felt like crying but you had no more tears. He broke your heart and you finally found someone that can fix it. "You didn't even give me time!" He said raising his voice. "Jimin why don't you leave." Namjoon said grabbing your hand and moving you behind him. "O-ok" Jimin said as he looked at you with pain in his eyes and he began to cry. The look at Jimin face broke you even more. You fell to your knees, all the tears that were gone were back and they were pouring out of your eyes. "Y/N-ah it's ok" Namjoon said as he put your head on his chest and wrapped his arms around you. He kissed the top of your head and begin to rub your back. "It will be ok, I promise" he said holding you tighter he holds back his tears. He didn't like seeing you like this and every time you cried he felt that lump in his throat. You slowly fell asleep in his arms and he picked you up and took you to bed and lied by you his arms still wrapped around your waist. "I love you y/n.." He said and fell asleep beside you.

*a few months after everything happened*

You snuggled up against Namjoon and sighed. You haven't seen Jimin since. The other members would come and visit you and Namjoon. You smiled as Jin brought in some food. "Yes!" You yelled jumping around as Jin set it down. You all begin eating then there was a knock on the door. Suga went to open it and saw Jimin there. "Hey Jimin" Suga said as he let him in. You forgot that you invited him before that night happened. You smiled and went to hug him. He still was in your heart and you still loved him. He hugged you back and sighed. "Hey Y/N" he said still hugging you. You let go and went to sit down. This morning you forgave him over text. He promised he would show you he changed. You and Namjoon were still together.
You an Namjoon had a perfect relationship he was always there for you he let you check his phone everyday unlike Jimin he hid everything from you. Namjoon fixed your broken heart and he loved you for you Jimin love you for you body and your looks he loved showing you off but he said he would change that. Will you give Jimin a second Chance or stay with Namjoon the man who was always by your side and loved you for you?