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So I'm officially caught up on the manga... I'm quite devestated I have to wait week to week now. Especially in the midst of an intense battle.. 馃槩馃槱
I know it's unbelievable, I hope it's not true. I don't want it to end 馃槀 @KurosakiJess
@KurosakiJess That's the same reason I here for why the Anime stopped... don't get me wrong, I despised that arc, I don't know why but I did. Ikumi Unagiya, Riruka... that's about the only characters I liked until Ichigo sodomised Ginjo after FINALLY regaining his powers... but there was just as many that liked that arc, as there was that didnt. And the Manga sells enough that nobody can claim they would lose more money than they gain, by continuing the Anime.
Idk why people bitch. Bleach has no more filler than Naruto... They need to continue the anime!! I really hope they do because the manga is fantastic and I'd love to see it in anime form!!! 馃槏馃槏鉂わ笍 Someone tried telling me bleach anime stopped cuz everyone hated the fullbringer arc but that's not true. They stopped it because of the amount of filler which is still stupid.... @worldofelites19
@KurosakiJess I haven't read the Manga since his final encounter with Grimmjow when he went to save Orihime from Hueco Mundo, but I don't understand why everyone seems to bitch and hate on Bleach now. They claim it has no discernable plot... have they looked at One Piece?! It just makes no sense to bitch about how bleach has no plot, when it's badass at the moment. Fuck Ywach and his Vandenreich... except Bambietta, she cool.
@UzumakiJess I'll be sure to read it 馃憤
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