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So I'm officially caught up on the manga... I'm quite devestated I have to wait week to week now. Especially in the midst of an intense battle.. 馃槩馃槱
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@KurosakiJess That's the same reason I here for why the Anime stopped... don't get me wrong, I despised that arc, I don't know why but I did. Ikumi Unagiya, Riruka... that's about the only characters I liked until Ichigo sodomised Ginjo after FINALLY regaining his powers... but there was just as many that liked that arc, as there was that didnt. And the Manga sells enough that nobody can claim they would lose more money than they gain, by continuing the Anime.
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@KurosakiJess I think it'd be completely awesome to see what appears to be some new form from completely accepting his Hollow as a part of him, and appearing to merge with him.
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Yeah Bleach is awesome!! Rumor going around that there is only like 5 more chapters though. 馃槩
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This past weeks chapter had the number of chapters left blurred out.. 馃槱 I don't think it's possible to sum up everything in 5 chapters though... @Sharia
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I know it's unbelievable, I hope it's not true. I don't want it to end 馃槀 @KurosakiJess
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