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Happy Friday to everyone. I hope you all have had a wonderful week and that you all have an even better weekend ahead. It's our Sunshine's special day and even though it is late doesn't mean we can't show our baby some love! Let's do it!!!
YoungJae is seriously like the cutest thing on the I have a long. list of other K-pop artist that I find extremely too cute for words but I think YoungJae is the cutest. No mater what it is he is doing I always scream at how cute he is come on guys look at him with those bunny ears...Jae let me pinch your cheeks please!? Just one time and I think I'll be able to go on...
Lately I have been seeing a lot of MarkJae stuff and slowly but surely I am starting to kind of like this ship.....Not as much as I love Markson and 2youngjae,but I still think that these two are extremely cute together. They both have like cute and smiley personalities so it just makes them cuter.