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Forgotten anime series #7

hey guys I'm back with a dose of anime that really should not be forgotten! this anime is so awesome ( I say that a lot because anime is awesome) so if you haven't watched this one or if you forgot got about it prepare to be served!
contrary to those whom have never watched or even heard of this anime, toriko is the real food master! I always see people talking about how much luffy, goku and even naruto can eat so much... well, here is one that can beat that! okay well honestly luffy can expand everything so it's not fair lol however you've never seen an eater quite like toriko!
The culinary delights there are soo many yummy and also something really just food that doesn't exist lol but overall everything looks delightful! toriko travels with his friend chef komatsu to discover many culinary delights! he is a true lover of food!
Toriko One of four of the heavenly Kings toriko the gourmet hunter ! he is called The Glutton" for his abnormally large appetite (as a food serving for 500 people could only get him 1/10 full) he is on a mighty quest to discover new food and wants to find his full course menu !
Of course he is accompanied in this journey by his friends the heavenly Kings as well! ^^^ this one is sunny. He is very flamboyant! so one of the things I like about every character has a special ability, sunny has a way of 'knocking' without even touching the target, mostly related to his 'sensor' talent which allows him to know the physical state of those around him. He seeks "harmony" in his dishes which is the perfect use of ingredients, perfect handling of the food and most importantly producing a perfect taste.
Fighting style yes! Torikos moves do include the fork and knife and the spoon sometimes too ! I would say if I could compare this anime to any it would be to dragon ball z style, the animation, the fighting, I mean it is from the same company.
The special powers really get me! one can communicate or hit you! (whatever comes first) with his feelings? and the other uses poison which has become him. Self absorbing powers, super strenght, regeneration.... it gets crazy guys!
I don't want to tell you guys everything about this anime but really! it's so good! I'm currently watching it because I let it go for a little bit but I have loved it for a while now..
It has everything I look for in an anime.. 1) it's freaking hilarious 2) the characters are all interesting 3) it had lots of fighting action 4) teaches you life lessons lol (I truly am thankful for this wonderful meal) I mean there is so much I can say but I feel like I'm babbling and no one cares about toriko lol
Anime: only 147 episodes! studio: toei animation funimation entertainment original run 2011-2014 Manga shonen weekly shonen Jump 2008- current 39 volumes movies: 4
So what you guys think? have you watched it before? it's your first time? I really recommend this anime! it's super entertaining! ( also I have the theme song stuck in my head! guts, guts, guts! ) Check out my anime collection for more on the forgotten anime series! @invinsybll
is that Chopper from One Piece?
@Ticasensei ah, soukka. thanks!
@Kirik they are all from same company ( kind of like they do in gintama)
@Kirik yes
@Ticasensei I know, there are soon many character, plot and food developments that sometimes it gets hard trying to keep up with it all.
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