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Hellooo and Welcomee!! :D The second petal of Foreign Flower is ready to uncoil with the help of a D-Lite(ful) person! ;D Are we ready to die? ER~ I mean~ Hehehehe ;3 Before we get started, here is the Season 2 premiere in case you're still unsure of what's to come! And here is Daesung's first episode in case you missed it too! > Episode 1 I hope you enjoy this journey! :D Because I'm literally getting wrecked by this smiling angel e.e So without further aideu, Please enjoy! :D *bows*
Episode 2~ “Aishh, was that too forward? I'm sorry,” Dae-Sung bows apologetically then shoots you a warm eye smile as he scratched his head. “The hyungs are out and Seung-Ri is nowhere to be found so I figured I'd come up and ask if you wanted to grab a bite.” You giggle, “And you decided to do it like that?” His smile falls into a perfect o, “What? I'm trying to improve my acting skills!” You reach over and log off of your desktop, sighing long and hard, “Well, since I'm in your debt, I guess I have no choice but to obey.” “Aigoo! You don't have to if you don't want to!” He steps forward in an effort to stop you from moving. You look up at him and shoot him a wink, “Oppa, I too am working on my acting skills.” Dae-Sung stares at you with wide eyes then gradually exposes his smile, “So does that mean you'll go?” Your stomach growls with hunger before you could reply, making Dae-Sung chuckle to himself in amusement. “Don't laugh!” you hide your burning checks behind your hand. “Oppa is just happy he came at the right time.” He grins and holds the door open for you as you head out. The elevator opens up for the two of you immediately. Dae-Sung presses the first floor button then scoots back to stand beside you as you stare at your shoes. <<If he likes me and I like him but he doesn't know that I know that he likes me.... should I break the ice and just confess? I mean, we are going out to dinner right? It's not a date or anything but I guess it can be if I confess and everything ends well....>> The elevator dings open, you look up and feel all trace of color disappear from your face when the CEO steps in. You bow respectfully, sensing Dae-Sung do the same. <<This. This is why I can't confess.>> “Taking off for the day?” The CEO asks, snapping you away from your thoughts. You bow your head and smile, “Yes sir.” “Make sure you rest well.” “We're going to have dinner first!” Dae-Sung interjects in a cheerful tone. <<Dae!>> You notice the CEO look at you from the corner of your eye for a quick second before he turns to glance at Dae-Sung. “Would you like to join us?” Dae-Sung continued. The CEO shakes his head, “Thank you but I have other things to do before dinner. Eat plenty, the both of you.” You and Dae-Sung bow once more as a thank you just as the CEO stepped off the elevator. You look over to Dae-Sung and find him smiling to himself. <<Of course, it would only be my job at risk if I were the one to confess.>> “The CEO works too hard, he should get a vacation here and there.” Dae-Sung says quietly. “Kind of you to ask him to join us.” You mutter under your breath. Dae-Sung chuckles, “Did I scare you with that? Aishh, I'm sorry. I knew he was going to decline anyways but it's always nice to open the offer to him. Let’s me avoid trouble actually.” You shake your head and look away from him to hid your grin. <<Not sure if that's the type of sweet gestures I'd except from the Smiling Angel, or just plain strategics to avoid death.>> You follow Dae-Sung out the back entrance of the building, listening to him talk about the upcoming promotional projects that BigBang would be doing in Japan and in different parts of Asia. You watch his face light up with the mention of meeting VIPs and being together on stage with the rest of the members, giggling along every time he would start laughing. “I hope you don't mind having ramen for dinner, I've actually been craving it since the last time I went to your apartment,” he chuckles. You smirk, “You should have told me ahead of time so I could have made some and brought it to you.” He shakes his head, “It's okay, it would be rude of me to ask you do such a selfish thing.” “Selfish?” Dae-Sung flashes a bright smile to you, “I don't think I would want to share anything you'd give me with the rest of the hyungs.” <<Aishh, don't look at me like that.>> “You're right, that is pretty selfish.” Dae-Sung tries to wink at you but ends up snickering to himself, making you giggle along with him. Once you arrive at the ramen shop, Dae-Sung greets the owner with a friendly smile and leads you to the back. “I come here a lot when I miss Japanese cuisine, and they have the freshest noodles so it's always a win-win situation,” he says, handing you a menu. You scan through the booklet quickly and give Dae-Sung your ramen of choice so he could take the menus back and order. When he sits back down, you notice the way he leaned back on the chair, giving you the impression that he was trying hard to come off as a cool guy. You smile to yourself and shake your head.
“So, uh, you come here often?” Dae-Sung asks in a low voice. You raise an eyebrow and grin, “Why no sir, this is my first time here.” He leans forward and gives you sly smirk, “Sweetie, please. Here, you call me oppa.” You bite your lip to hold back your laughter and nod your head, “Yes sir- er- I mean, yes oppa.” He grins at you for a second then switches back to his nonchalant character and leans back on his chair. “So, what brings you here today?” You clear your throat and follow along, “Hunger. I forgot to pack a lunch this morning so I haven't eaten all day.” His eyes pop out in surprise, “Are you serious? Aigoo! That's bad for your health! You need to take care of yourself more properly!” You giggle, “What happened to the manly oppa that I was just talking to?” Dae-Sung stares at you for a brief moment then clears his throat and looks away, “Ahem, I mean. Don't do that. You'll get sick.” You smile at him and shake your head, “I'll try my best, oppa.” He twines his fingers together and places his forehead on top, chuckling shyly to the table below, “We don't spend a lot of time together so I'm a little nervous.” “What are you talking about? I only hang out with you and the other members. The times I'm with the other artists, it's kept short and mainly for business related things.” Dae-Sung looks up at you and grins, “It's probably because we search for you more since we've grown to see you as our little sister.” You nod a couple of times and look away, forcing your lips to curve upwards. <<Does this mean you see me as a sibling too? Is that what you're trying to tell me?>> “But I'm glad I built up the confidence to ask you to join me for dinner.” He laughs again. “Why did you have to build-” The cook calls out your orders, making Dae-Sung jump out of his seat and hurry to pick it up. He comes back and sets your bowl down first, placing the chopsticks closely to you then proceeds to sit down himself and blow at the hot steam that rose from the hot noodles. “It looks delicious, let's eat a lot!” Dae-Sung beams brightly and begins to dig in. You mirror his actions and eat, enjoying the different flavors and mentally taking note on how to better your own recipe. When you look up from your bowl, Dae-Sung's eyes met yours for a second before they hid behind their smile. Your cheeks start to burn. <<Aishh, why does he have to keep looking at me like that? Angels are so irresistible....>> “How is it?” He asks before shoving more ramen into his mouth. “Delicious, thank you.” You reply with a small head bow. “I feel like you've been lonely lately ever since the director left.” He continues. You shoot him a small smile, “I wouldn't say I'm lonely since I keep myself busy as much as possible.” “You could always call me. Oppa is always available in a time of need.” He shoots you a confident smirk. You shake your head, “Thank you oppa, but you're busy with the other members preparing for your comeback.” “Nonsense, half the time we're just playing around in the recording studio. Stop by any time, or shoot me a text and I'll come get you, there's no need for you to be so hesitant.” His eye smile returns to make your heart accelerate. “Plus, I always get teased when you're not around so it'd be nice to have you near to take some heat.” You scoff, “Is oppa just trying to use me as a shield?” He winks playfully, “Of course not, I'm an angel! I would be there to protect you!” “Then why do you want me to get teased?” You exclaim with a pout. “So I can swoop in there and protect you! I'm still trying to fight for you.” You choke on the ramen broth in your mouth, coughing violently to get it down as you hold up a hand to stop Dae-Sung from getting up and out of his chair when his eyes popped out in panic. You clear your throat and look at him with wide eyes, “W-why?” He laughs, “Because I said I would back when we were shooting the music video remember? I declared war on all the hyungs, and even stepped forth when the director announced that being first would get a date with you.” Your entire face flushes bright red. He snickers, “Am I being too forward? I'm sorry, oppa is just playing around.” <<No, oppa is being mean and sending me mixed signals! Do you like me or not!>> “I-I see.” You respond in a small voice and continue drinking the remainder of the broth. Dae-Sung gets up from his seat and heads to the counter for a few moments, then returns and places his chin on top of his folded hands again as you finished the last bit of ramen. “Dinner is fully paid for darling, thank you for accompanying me this lovely evening.” <<Darling?>> You bow your head again, “Thank you for thinking of me.” He stands up and offers his hand to you, “Come on, I'll walk you home.” You stare at his open palm, <<Should I take it? It looks so big, and so warm..... Aishh, what if someone sees? Rumors will spread! But then again, he could just be offering it to me as a polite gesture and will let me go as soon as we're outside...... and it would be rude to not take it....>> You place your hand in his and feel yourself get pulled to your feet.
The two of you bow as a thank you to the restaurant owner and exit out, retracing your steps back. Dae-Sung keeps a firm hold around your hand, letting it swing gently as your walking syncs in with his own. <<You're going to let go, right? I mean, I hope you don't..... it's so, nice.>> You hear the beating of your heart inside your ears. <<Warm like his personality, big like his smile.... please don't let go of my hand, Dae. I'm begging you here....>> Dae-Sung turns to look at you and raises an eyebrow, “You okay?” You nod, “Yes.” <<Because you're by my side.>> He shoves his other hand into his front pocket and looks away, giving your hand a gently squeeze. “Better be. Not like oppa is worried or anything because bad boys don't worry.” You smirk, “Of course they don't, because I'm a good girl and all.” “Baby don't leave me, I know you still love me....” Dae-Sung continues the rest of the song. You giggle, “What makes you so sure?” He looks at you again and grins, “I just know.” You shake your head to hide your own amusement, “You're too much oppa. It's delightful.” He chuckles, “Delightful? Sounds like a good thing.” <<Sure, when you're not in love with the person!>> “You know what this reminds me of for some reason?” He comments on. “What is it?” “Did you ever watch the BigBang special on the V app where each member did their own segment for an episode?” You smirk, “Are you referring to the one where you walked the girl home?” “Yeah, that one!” You roll your eyes while remembering the episode, “Are you going to carry me on your back like you did on the episode?” His grin turns mischievous, “Do you want me to-” “No!” <<Are you trying to kill me!>> Dae-Sung winks at you, “Another time then.” You shake your head and sigh, “So how does this remind you of that?” He shrugs, “I'm walking you home, kind of sang to you a bit. Using my,” he flicks his head at you and shoots you his manly look, “charm.” You look away and cover your smile with your hand, “You're always charming though.” “Yes, but this is my manly charm. The manly charm that makes fangirls fall for oppa.” You look back at him and squint your eyes menacingly, “What are you trying to imply?” He turns his head in the opposite direction and pretends to look into the distant, “I can't say it while looking at you. It's not manly.” <<Why does this sound so familiar?>> “Say what?” He clears his throat, “I love you.” <<Omg, he said this on the episode! Exactly the same way too!>> You bite your lip to keep your smile from being so obvious, “I love you too oppa.” “You better.” He replies, keeping his head turned. <<So silly. Wish you'd mean it though....>> The rest of the walk to your apartment was kept in silence, with occasional glances to one another but never making eye contact. The random squeezes from his hand kept your cheeks pulled up, regardless of the silence. He stops a few feet away from your door and turns to face you, “Are you sure you're not lonely?” His voice, gentle and delicate. You nod, “I'm sure oppa.” “Promise me you'll text me if you do get lonely, and I'll be here in a heartbeat.” Your own heart begins to flutter as if it were given wings, “I promise.” He sighs then glances up towards your apartment, growing a serious facade. “What is it?” you ask, flinching at his sudden change in behavior. Dae-Sung lets go of your hand and steps forward, “Give me your key.” You reach in your bag and fish it out, putting it in the hand that only moments ago had held yours. “What's wrong?” “Stay here,” his voice was low and hard, making shivers run down your back. You watch him walk forward to your door and turn the knob without having to insert the key into the slot. <<What? Did I forget to lock the door again?>> You try to remember if you did as Dae-Sung disappears into the apartment. You inch closer, but stop when Dae-Sung reappears and closes the door tightly behind him. “What-” “There's still light outside, how about we go watch a movie?” He flashes a quick smile. You eye him carefully, “Oppa, what's going on? Why did you go in?” He waves his hands, “It's nothing, just wanted to-” “Oppa. Let me through.” You interrupt him, reaching for the golden knob. Dae-Sung grabs your hand and holds it, “I'm serious, let's go see what the hyungs are up to! Maybe they're back-” “Dae-Sung,” You growl. “Let me through.” He looks at you long and hard then sighs deeply, “I don't want to.” “Why not? Why are you trying to keep me from going into my own-” Dae-Sung lunges forward to scoop you into his arms but you take the opportunity to slip underneath his arms and turn the knob quickly. The heavy door swings wide open, exposing you to the disaster that Dae-Sung had tried to keep you from seeing. Your eyes begin to water with mixed feelings of anger and fear. “W-what?” Your voice shook.
Omo! :o What did you see? What won't Dae let you inside? D: Guess you'll just have to find out on Thursday's episode ;) Shoutout to all those who are Dae-Sung biased! My favorite part about writing is looking for pictures and I hope I'll impress ya'll with my findings! :3 Let me know what you think thus far! :D Especially with your ramen date ;) Thank you for supporting me and the revealing of the second petal! See you all on Thursday! :D *bows*
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OMFG WHAT HAPPENED??????? THE CLIFF HANGER DDDX XD I can't wait for Thursday
"Do you come here often?" Lol 😄
Oh, Dae! You adorable man!! I love him so but oh nooo! Someone trashed the apartment. Let's hope they are long gone or else!! I'm so excited for the next part!!
Wwwaaaaaaeeeee??????? You can't do this to me!!!!!!!! What the fudge cakes???????
Aish! I wanna know!
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