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It had been a few days since they had gone out but Cree still had some things on her mind. She was waiting by the entrance of the school for her friend Sely to get out of class. There was someone not too far away in a car who looked familiar but she was not quite sure. The uncertainty was enough to keep her from going over to find out. Soon she saw some people from her friend’s class coming out of the building.
“Why do you always have to be one of last one’s out? You know I wait for you so we can walk home together.” Cree loved messing with Sely.
“I have to make sure I know everything I’m supposed to do before I leave. Oh bye Jung Kook see you in two days.” Sely stopped mid conversation to talk to one of the guys in her class. He had completely ignored her though going over to the car Cree was looking at earlier. The man got out to talk to Jung Kook and soon both of them got in the car. It was then that it donned on Cree who it was; that was Hoseok from the other night. So that boy knew Hoseok, she would have to ask Nabi about the group when she went to work tomorrow.
“You want to get food on the way or do you want to hang out at my place and order take out.” Cree had focused back on Sely.
“Let’s get some takeout. I really could use your help with some of my work.” Cree just rolled her eyes.
“I’m useless if it’s a different class then one of the one’s I’ve taken.”
It was good that her apartment was not too far of a walk from her school. She looked over at the convenient store as they were passing by recognizing it as the one from the other night. She stopped Sely telling her to wait outside while she went in and got something. Shortly after entering she came out with a black bag. Motioning to Sely she started walking again towards her apartment. They were talking about the schoolwork Sely needed help with when they made it to the entrance.
“Hey um…” To her surprise Namjoon was waiting outside her apartment. He lifted up a Styrofoam cooler for her to take. “…Jin made this. He said to give it to you as an apology for the other night. I really am sorry.” She took it from him with a small bow.
“It’s okay. Come by later in the week and you can make it up to me.” She held up the black bag knowing he would know what was inside.
“Okay I will.” He looked around for something but sighed. “I seem to have left my phone with Jin. Can I put my number in your phone so you can message me a good time to come over?” She set down the cooler getting her phone out of her pocket opening it to a new contact page. He quickly filled it out before handing it back to her. He gave her a wave before walking off towards his place. She turned to see Sely standing in the doorway with a surprised look on her face.
“Cree!” Was the only thing she could get out.
“What? I told you about the thing I went to with my coworker Nabi. He was one of the guys there.”
“Girl you need to be all over that.”
“Just like you’re all over Mr. Moody broody statue?”
“I’m slowly making progress. Just wait.” Cree just laughed at her before checking her phone and laughing even more. He had saved himself under ‘That Asshole.’
Kekeke I love it
pffft 'that asshole'
@SimplyAwkward Hahaha I was gonna comment about that too!!!