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It is 2AM, TEEN TOP, EXO, and F(x) that are officially going to KCON this year in LA so far. Who has decided to attend? Tickets went on sale 15July...decisions decisions.... 2AM I really want to go and wow the line up so far are pretty awesome. They are not done announcing all of it either.
@EXOtic it's kinda hard to learn here because many things are in English, but i've learned some :3 see ya, hope to chat in the future! ^^
@beeonka thank you! I'm currently trying to learn it through apps and dramas lol I'm planning on purchasing books and such soon. I'm sure you'll pick it up soon too I mean you are in the country your kinda going to learn it one way or another aha. But good luck with everything as well! make the best of your trip! it was fun chatting with you! :D
@EXOtic fighting! ^^ I hope you make it! I suggest learning Korean too. I wish I knew it now that im here :[
That's one of the key reasons of choosing a school and I've been doing tons of it. I know nyu and nysid both do study abroad in Korea. I know and especially a an out of state student but hopefully I get Daniels or bill gates scholarship *fingers crossed*
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