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Hoseok had sent Nabi message with an address so she had gone there. She knocked on the door waiting a bit before he answered. He motioned for her to step just inside the door before having her wait in the foyer. She could hear loud yelling from somewhere in the apartment but she just tried to ignore it. “Thank you so much for this. I would go give this to him myself but if you couldn’t here all the noise.” Hoseok said apologetically. “It’s okay. I’m sure whoever that is needs you more than Yoongi right now. Where is he by the way?” She asked. “I’m sure you know where your job is. I messaged him and he said he was still there. Please make sure he eats before you leave.” He handed her a bag with food in it. “I will don’t worry. I’ll message you after he eats.” “Again thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me.” He quickly went towards the screaming. She let herself out making sure to lock the door before she closed it. She waited for the bus a million questions running through her head. She would have to talk to Hobi later when things were more calm. It was not that long of a ride from his place to her work and she was relieved. The bus was nice but there were just too many people on it. Going inside she made her way to the lift pushing the button for her floor. Sure enough when she stepped out of the lift there was a light on near where her desk was. “Yoongi?” She called out remembering what he had told her last time. There was no response so she went towards the light that was on. There was no one at his desk or anywhere near it. She saw papers all over his desk from a recent project he was working on there was even a bottle knocked on its side amongst the papers. Setting the food on her desk she tried her best to straighten up the papers without messing anything up too much. She had picked up the bottle of pills to grab a few more papers but it was yanked from her hand. “What do you think you are doing with my stuff? Trying to sabotage me now?” He looked furious. “I just came to give you some food from Hobi. It was a mess I was just trying to straighten up so you can eat.” “I don’t need your help I’m not a child.” He threw the bottle into his drawer before sitting back down at his desk. Grabbing the bag, she gently set it on the side of his work space before sitting at her own desk. “You did what you were asked so why haven’t you left?” “He said to make sure to stay till you ate it.” He just shook his head with a sigh before going back to work ignoring her. Before she knew it her head was laying on her desk and she was deep asleep. She had a long day getting all the details worked on for her own project. She was working on it at her place when she had gotten the message. Nabi’s head shot up and she rubbed her eyes yawning a little. There was a small blanket draped over her back that dropped into her chair. Yoongi was still working silently, headphones in his ears now. She looked around noticing how dark it had gotten outside. How long had she been asleep? He was still working even now? Stopping his work, he pulled out the bottle of pills before taking a few with some water. She was going to have to figure out what those were, Hobi probably knew. “Go back to sleep. It’s strange to have you just stare at me like I’m some kind of abstract painting.” “Sorry. Have you eaten yet?” “Yea I ate so you can go home. It’s dark so be careful.” “I’ll see you tomorrow. Try not to stay too late.” He waved her off and she just bowed standing up and going back to the lift. She was waiting for it to get to her floor when she noticed something in the trashcan. Looking around she reached inside picking up what she had hoped it was not. Why would he have lied to her about eating? It looked like he might have taken a few bites of it before throwing it away. She put it back in the trash and stepped onto the lift feeling a sudden pain in her heart. Leaning against the side she squeezed her eyes tight trying her hardest to hold it in. It was warm as a few tears slipped down her cheeks.
Yoongi why?!?!?! Stubborn arse!!! At least he cared enough to put a blanket on Nabi...
yoongi needs to eat his food and chill Lol