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Andrea looked up from the book she was reading when Nabi came in the door. There was a gloomy air about her that was not their when she had left.
“What’s up?”
“Nothing. I’m tired so I’m going to go to my room.” Something really was not okay with her. Pulling out her phone she flipped through pulling up Hoseok’s number to text him.
‘Hey what was the favor you asked Nabi to do?’
‘Just to go give Yoongi some dinner why?’
‘She looked like she was about to cry when she just walked in.’
‘Really everything seemed fine when she text me.’
‘Maybe Yoongi was being mean to her again. I don’t think he likes her too much.’
‘He’s being mean to her?! I’m going to have to talk to him.’
‘No don’t. I don’t think it will help anything. Nabi can deal with it herself and if she can’t she will let someone know. She’s a strong girl just give her time to work it out. They work together after all they will have to get along at some point.’
‘Okay I won’t say anything. How are you doing by the way?’
‘I’m doing good. I am finally to the point where Jess will let me run the store by myself in a few more weeks. Trying to get her to have to confidence to ask Jimin to go out for coffee.’
‘Oh I think I CAN help with that. I know a little something myself.’
‘Don’t get to wrapped up in their love affair. Take care of yourself too.’
‘I will. It’s late so I’ll let you go. It’s about time for bed right?’
‘Yea I should be heading to sleep. I’m sure Nabi is passed out by now.’
‘Goodnight. Sleep well.’
‘I’ll try. Goodnight.’ She smiled at her phone before getting up and heading to her room.
@amobigbang right!? I'm an absolute addict haha
These short ones are killing me!
@SugaOnTop K that's late enough lol especially if I work the next day. seems legit ^_^
@MadAndrea who said it wasn't 3am haha. It was maybe 12
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