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Welcome Welcome! Our Foreign Flower has commenced blossoming in a world filled with handsome kings! But like nature designed, the petals must open up one by one to reveal a beautiful flower. This, ladies and gents, is Dae-Sung's petal<3 :) Here is Season 2 premiere in case you're confused about what's to come! And here are Dae-Sung's episodes thus far~ > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 Shall we continue after the cliff hanger in the last episode? Please enjoy! :D *bows*
Episode 3~ The frames that once hung on the wall had been smashed to pieces with the pictures they protected torn apart. Shattered plates and bowls had been scattered across the kitchen floor. The television laid on its screen and was cracked into three pieces, exposing the wires of its inside. Your couch was ripped to shreds with the filling spread across the room. Pieces of paper from your books dressed the floor. You step inside and feel glass crack underneath your shoes. Dae-Sung grabs your arm and pulls you back towards him, “Don't go in, it's not safe.” You yank your arm back and continue inside, looking around at the mess that had been left until something popped in your head, “My room!” You take off, crushing more glass under your feet as you maneuver around the kitchen island and into the hallway with Dae-Sung chasing after you. You kick your bedroom door open and freeze. Everything had been torn to shreds just like the rest of your apartment, but what caught your attention were the bright red letters on your wall. “Whither.” The tears broke free from the corners of your eyes and streamed down your face, “Why!” You yell at the scene. “Hey,” Dae-Sung reaches for your arm once more and turns you around, pulling you into a tight embrace. You try to push yourself away but his arms tighten around you every time you try to separate yourself from him. “Why?” You repeat again, giving up on trying to get away and clinging onto his shirt as your tears soaked it through. <<Who would do such a thing? What did I ever do that would upset someone? Why did this happen?>> The tears intensified, making your body shudder with the force of your heaves. Dae-Sung rubs your back, “Let it out, sweetie. Everything is going to be okay.” You feel him reach into his pocket and pull something out. A few seconds later, you hear the ringing sound of a phone call trying to connect. “Ah, hyung? Where are you?” You try to listen but your tears prevent you from calming down long enough to detect who he was talking to. “We have a problem, can you come pick us up? I'm with her.” He pauses long enough to get reply. “Please hurry, I want to get her out of here as quickly as possible.” He murmurs a quick thank you and hangs up then leans into your ear, “Come on, it's not safe here, let's go back outside.” You nod obediently and follow him out, trying hard to stop the follow of tears. Once outside, he closes the door to your apartment and walks you out to the side walk, keeping you tightly within his arms while he glanced around. He pulls back and wipes the tears away with his fingers, “I'm taking you back to my place. I have a spare room that you can use okay? Young-Bae hyung is picking us up. You're not coming back here, ever. I'll get to the bottom of this and make sure no one tries to hurt you. Oppa will protect you, okay?” You try to reply but Tae-Yang pulls up to the curb and lowers the window, “Let's go.” Dae-Sung opens the back door for you and closes it once you climb in. He then hops in into the passenger seat and fills Tae-Yang on the details that occurred. You wipe away the last of your tears and stare out the window, feeling the sudden wave of exhaustion consume you with your lacking energy. <<How did this happen in the first place?>> You lean against the window and allow your eyes to grow heavy. The car comes to a stop, you open your eyes and see Dae-Sung already outside the car and reaching for the handle. You unbuckle yourself and grab his hand when he offers it to you. “Come on, let's get you inside.” He says softly. You glance up and see Tae-Yang bowing his head to you, “You're in good hands. Rest well, we'll get to the bottom of this.” You mirror his bow as a thank you and follow Dae-Sung up a flight of stairs into his apartment. His arm around you kept you from losing your balance due to the drowsy feeling that the crying had left. He guides you down a short hallway and opens a door. “Here, get some rest. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call for me okay? I'll on the other side that wall doing a few things okay?” You feel your head dip as a nod and sink back into the soft bed. Dae-Sung smiles warmly then closes the door behind him.
You roll to your side and curl into a ball, <<I closed the door this morning. I swear I did. I even double checked to make sure that it was shut properly.... so how did this happen? Why did this happen? Who would want me to.... whither?>> A new wave of tears begin to emerge from your eyes, making you pull the pillow from underneath your head and hug it tightly, burying your face into it to mute the sounds that escape through your mouth, furthering your exhaustion until your eyes shut and you doze off. The sound of arguing voices wakes you up. You reach to rub your eyes but freeze when you feel the puffiness, causing you to remember all that had happened. <<That's right. Someone wants me to.... whither.>> You sit up and glance around, taking in the empty white room that you occupied. The voices grew louder for a second then quickly decreased in volume after shushing noises were hissed. <<I'm still at his house, right?>> You stand up and creep towards the door, opening it carefully to allow stealth to play in your favor. You look down the hall way and see the back of someone tall. With your hands on the wall to keep you from stumbling, you walk down the hallway and peek around the corner, noticing all five members gathered in the living room. Ji-Yong looks up and jumps a bit when he sees you, “Aishh, speak of the devil.” The rest of the members turn in your direction. You lower your head and bow respectfully, “H-hello.” “Did we wake you?” Tae-Yang asks gently. You shake your head in response. TOP smacks Seung-Ri's arm, “Idiot, you woke her up with your loud mouth.” “Yahh! Look at her though! Her eyes are swollen from crying so hard!” Seung-Ri makes his way and cups your face in his hands to look at you then lets you go and hugs you tightly. “It's okay, oppa will get someone to investigate whoever did this to you. Come live with me and I'll-” “Uh-” TOP yanks Seung-Ri away and smacks him again. “She's staying here,” Dae-Sung replies firmly. “It's best she does since you have extra space,” Ji-Yong adds in. “And it'd be a pain to move all her stuff again,” Seung-Ri manages to mutter before Tae-Yang smacks him too. “W-what?” you push through them and see a few boxes stacked on top of each other with your suitcase standing beside them. “H-how-w?” “Dae-Sung called all of us and explained what happened, we met up at your apartment and gathered whatever we could of your stuff,” TOP explains. “Seung-Ri called a detective friend and met us there too, turns out, your doorknob was tampered with more than just once so it's more than likely that whoever did that knew exactly what they were doing,” Tae-Yang comments. “I'll be notifying the security department at YG so we can review the cameras and make sure you're safe at work,” Ji-Yong continued. “No matter what happens, we won't let anything happen to our little sister,” Seung-Ri winks at you. “This is too much,” You reply. “I-I need to find a new place so n-nothing happens to any of you because of m-me.” The five of them sigh heavily and shake their heads. “What?” All eyes shoot to Dae-Sung who simply smiled warmly at you and placed his arms on your shoulders. “What you need to do right now is let oppa handle this. We're BigBang, no one would ever dare to touch us.” “Yeah, because they know we'll kick their ass,” Seung-Ri laughs. “I mean, look at us!” TOP begins to flex, Ji-Yong folds his fingers into a gun, Tae-Yang curls his hands and places them over his as like binoculars, and Seung-Ri lifts arms up and stands on one leg. Dae-Sung chuckles nervously and pulls you into his arms, “You're so embarrassing that I have to shield her from you guys to prevent future damage.” You manage to smile. “Yahh! That's sexual harassment!” TOP yells.
Dae-Sung lets you go and shoots TOP an innocent smile, “Hyung, I would never!” He then turns to you and grins, “Don't worry about anything okay? Go freshen up, there's breakfast in the kitchen for you.” Your eyes widen, “Omo! How long did I sleep? I thought it was still nighttime!” “It's like 7am,” Tae-Yang clarifies. “No way!” You step around Dae-Sung. “I have to go to wor-” Dae-Sung pulls you back by the arm just as the other members moved quickly to block you from moving. “Work? There's no work for you today,” TOP smiles his famous fox like smile. “What are you talking about? There's always work-” “Hyung, is there anything for her to do at the office today?” Seung-Ri asks Ji-Yong playfully. Ji-Yong shakes his head, “Nope. She's staying right here and resting up. I'll be checking the cameras to make sure you're nowhere near your office until Dae-Sung sees that you're rested. Got that Dae-Sung?” Dae-Sung nods his head, “Three steps ahead of you, hyung. Go freshen up, I'll be here when you're out.” You turn to Dae-Sung and try to find the right words to convince him that you're fine but fail when he ends up giving you bright smile. You sigh and agree to their terms then bow respectfully and make your way to Dae-Sung bathroom. You lean against the bathroom wall once the door was locked and sink down to the floor, finally feeling the exhaustion that your body screamed. <<My doorknob had been tempered with..... they've been there multiple times..... how is that possible?>> You get back up and open the facet to splash cool water on your face and neck. You pull back and look around the sink, noticing the multiple bottles of skin care products. You smile, <<Of course, how else does he maintain such beautiful skin? Did Ji-Yong say in an interview that Dae taught him how to take care of his skin?>> Your hand mindlessly reaches for a bottle, “huh, mousse for a face mask. I should try it someday.” You set it back down and continue splashing cool water on your face a few more times until your cheeks become cold. You wipe off the excess water and exit the bathroom, retracing your steps down the hallway. You peek into the living room and find it empty. <<Where did everyone go?>> You cut across the room and step into the kitchen, pulling a stool from underneath the kitchen island and sitting down. <<Why do I have such a weird feeling....>> Your mind begins to race with every moment you found your door unlocked, trying to link every occurrence with something that could have been a slip of the mind then remember a strange car that had passed by you multiple times the night of the comeback party at YG. “Hey,” Dae-Sung's voice makes your head snap up and elude you from your concentration. He smiles at you, “How are you doing?” You look around, searching for the other members. “The hyungs left, if that's why you're looking around.” You look back up at him, “Oh.” He scratches his head then leans on the counter across from you, “How are you holding up?” he repeats again. You take a deep breath and exhale slowly, “I think I've been stalked for quite some time now that I think back at it.” His soft face turns hard with concern, “What do you mean? What makes you say that?” “They said that my door knob had been tampered with right? I remember noticing that my door was unlocked on different occasions whenever I went home these past few weeks, but I never thought much of it. And even on the night we had that party.....” your voice trails off, making your body shiver violently as your thoughts connected. Dae-Sung steps around and grabs your hands, “What is it? What happened that night?” “I think I was being followed by car,” you reply in a small whisper. Dae-Sung closes his eyes and wraps his arms around you. You feel his muscles tensed with fury while your own body had began to relax under his arms. “Oppa will protect you.”
*cries* Daesung oppa, you're so sweet c: But you're in his house now! :o And someone wants you to.... whither..... :o *cue dramatic background music* Will this give you the courage to stay under Dae-Sung's care? ;D Stay tuned for Monday's episode to get more answers and see how Daesung's petal will uncoil! :D Tell me your thoughts thus far! :D Remember, all the clues involving the break in are connected! :3 Thank you all for your love and support thus far! *bows*
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I'm loving how this petal is blooming, and how the storyline is the same but with more clues. Think I'm gonna have to write these clues down to figure out the mystery "weeds" in the garden. They're ticking me off. LOL ... But loving how much she doesn't want to be the damsel in distress
i love that you brought in the other members this time it brings back the feelings of the first season because even though you are going one by one and telling their stories the rest still care for her.
yass I just woke up and now have a nice morning story to read😊😊😊
hey, dongsaeng, tag me in these, and future petals and fanfics! this is putting bit all together! I love them all! patiently waiting for more!!!
Haha omg that was cutest and most hilarious description of how they would protect her haha.
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