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Ok I know many people have their own theories and this is my two cents...I don't think Minseok is the mastermind behind everything...I think it's Kyungsoo....Now I know you might think HOW??? He is the one lying on the gurney....but hear me out...
Basically in the beginning of the MAMA mv they talk about the the tree of life dividing into two worlds/suns aka EXO-K and EXO-M....the narrator goes on to tell that the two worlds will finally stand together on the same ground (Kyungsoo's superpower is Earth) and finally the mv shows all the superpowers surrounding the earth superpower (Kyungsoo's power)
In the Overdose mv all of them are stuck in a maze made of sand (which is of the earth) and when Kyungsoo drops the box of sand we see hands (trying to escape???). Anyway so if Kyungsoo has the power of the earth he should be able to make the maze as well as destroy the maze...but he didn't
Now lets talk about the path code which was the reason for my deduction...All the members are shown in Kyungsoo's path code...not in anyone else's. Also, Kyungsoo has ten balls with him (Tao was with EXO) and the more he keeps messing with them we can see storms, fires, water and so on....obviously he's controlling the members...
And then finally in the Lucky One teaser Kyungsoo stays calm (way too calm for my taste)...who would be so calm when their being taken into some room to be experimented on (or he has already been experimented on)....All the members are running away, but Kyungsoo is calm...he was calm in the path code, he was calm in the Lucky One Teaser....it's quite eerie...

Other Theories

Although I want these theories to be true I think that SM is gonna do what it said "A story about a man who wants to find his destined lover". Even with BTS and MONSTA X we came up with these cool theories that were crushed within seconds...
The Monster teaser will be out on June 6th...hopefully we get some answers....oh who am I kidding were gonna be a mess...
to much to take in to much to handle to much to consider omg my brains going to explode but the anticipation is holding me together!!
my mind is seriously blown out of proportions
BRUH FOR REAL FOR REAL I HAVE BEEN TO BUSY HAVING MY HEAD UP BTS ASS AND THEIR THEORIES THAT I DIDNT EVEN KNOW EXO HAD FUCKING PLOT TOO. NOW I RETHINKING ALL MY FREAKING LIFE CHOICES i really dont feel like watching all the vids over again because they are all too different thats why its seemed like they had no plot.
Awe hell!!!!! I can't even begin to wrap my brain around this!!
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