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I know many Exo-L's are eagerly counting down til the boys have their EX'ACT comeback!!!!!!!!!! But first, here's somethings you may want to know before this happens.
The EX'ACT comeback is set for June 9. SM has confirmed the boys will have a huge performance at Olympic Hall on June 8 to pump us up for the album's release. SM also plans to broadcast the lives of EXO each day in June through the Naver V Live app. So I'd make sure to turn on those notifications people!
TEASERS (Albums)
Monster makes logical sense to be made of screws and bones, and Lucky One is flowy and works when thinking about luck. It's also really cool to see how their logo has changed.
These are really out of what we've ever seen Exo do, and it's causing many issues with my feels
This is probably the most exciting thing for Exo-L's. THe3 track list has been released and will go as follows:
1. Lucky
2. Monster
3. Artificial Love
4. Cloud 9
5. Heaven
6. White Noise
7. One and Only
8. They Never Know
9. Stranger
10. Lucky One Instrumental
11. Monster Instrumental
Some of these have some very thought-inducing names, don't they?

Are you guys getting excited yet? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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OMG kai highkey looks like tsukasa doumyouji from boys over flowers manga ^^
I honestly can't contain my excitement anymore. Their comeback will be the death of me
wahhh yes I'm very excited 😂