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Get well soon Seventeen's Wonwoo!!!

Hey guys!

So recently Pledis Entertainment stated that our dear Wonwoo is sick and won't be participating in Seventeen's 'Dream Concert' or some fan signing events due to his condition. 😭 Pledis stated today "It has become difficult for Seventeen's Wonwoo to attend the '2016 Dream Concert' and Seventeen's upcoming fansign event due to poor health conditions. Wonwoo suffered from a severe stomachache overnight, and was rushed to the hospital. His symptoms were diagnosed as acute gastritis." And later added "Wonwoo expressed strong desire to attend his schedules, however, we have concluded that his health needs to come first, and have decided to cancel all his schedules until Sunday. We will do our best to aid Wonwoo's recovery and for him to return healthy." Noooooo! Wonwoo is my bias in Seventeen besides S.Coups. My baby 😭😭

We hope that he gets some needed rest and feels better soon!!

Source: allkpop.com

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Noooo😭😥😨 I hope he gets better 🙏🙇
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