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This whole card will be full of spoilers. So, if you are not caught up with the anime don't read this card until you are caught up! WARNING! I decided to make a top 5 list on the 5 most saddest scenes from Fairy Tail because there are many but I told myself to only choose 5 which was a challenge but I did it and this is my opinion of the most saddest scenes from Fairy Tail. Let me know what scene you thought was the saddest because there are about 50 sad scenes from this anime!

5. Wendy & Carla Almost Die

Episode: (2014) 69 At this scene in the Tartaros Arc, Wendy and Carla are trying to stop FACE from activating but the only way to do that is to get close enough to press the button for it to self-destruct and it will blow the area up within seconds. So, Carla tries to sacrifice herself but Wendy won't let her and decides to do it together. They've always been together and it shows flashbacks of back then, that made me start to bawl. They do everything together and they would rather die together then lose one another. They set it off and we think they die in the explosion but seconds later Doranbolt teleports them to safety. Therefore they were safe.

4. Ultear Saves Everyone

Episode: (2014) 22 This scene brought me and others to tears. As we see that everyone is dying during a battle with Minnie dragons. One by one Gray gets shot multiple times in front of Juvia, that makes me cry. Then we see Romeo watch his father die and others. Then Ultear pops up on the screen sitting near a huge clock. She decides to take up the time she has and tries to save others, not thinking about how much time she is taking up of her life. Then when she does, she looks back at the clock and sees that it only went back by a minute. She says to herself, "The value of my life is only one minute?!" Then she thinks that she couldn't save even a single soul when in fact she saved many within that one minute. Everyone was able to avoid their own death thanks to her.

3. Igneel's Death

Episode: (2014) 89 and 90 Igneel and Acnologia are fighting. Igneel wishes to kill Acnologia before he dies but he couldn't, he tells Natsu that Acnologia was stronger than he thought. We see flashbacks of Natsu and Igneel, how they played together and how Igneel taught him many things like how to write and use him magic. The reason that this scene is so precious to any Fairy Tail fan is because Igneel is a big part of Natsu's life. We've known his name and appearance since episode 1 and continuously heard Natsu say how much he wants to see him and talk to him. Then when he finally sees him, he must let him go. Igneel was inside of Natsu this whole time but Igneel couldn't keep his promise. It's such a sad scene and the look of sadness and tears rolling down Natsu's face is heart wrenching.

2. Good-Bye Aquarius

Episode: (2014) 73 During the Tartaros Arc, Lucy is running out of strength to fight her enemy. There is water surrounding her, thus she calls Aquarius. Lucy already has Loke and Virgo out which is draining her magic. Aquarius is trying her best but an enemy comes underneath the water and hits her above the water. Loke and Virgo's gates close at this moment. Aquarius tells Lucy that she can only slow them down because their too strong but there is a way for Lucy to win. She says that any celestial spirit that can summon 3 spirits can summon the Celestial Spirit King. But the only way to do that is by breaking one of the gold celestial keys. That is the price to pay for summoning the strongest celestial spirit who can destroy his enemies in one blow. But the bond between the wizard and spirit must be strong or he won't be summoned. Therefore, Aquarius proposes that Lucy break her key because they have the strongest bond and Lucy doesn't want to lose Aquarius. Then we see some flashbacks of her and Lucy. They have such a strong bond, Lucy loves Aquarius. To me Aquarius is like her mother, always protecting her. It makes me so sad, they have been together since episode 1, Aquarius says she hates Lucy but deep down we know it's the opposite. I cry every time I see this. It's so SADDDD!!!

1. Future Lucy's Death

Episode: (2014) 15 In this episode we see Future Rogue come to kill Lucy but he doesn't know that there are two Lucy's right now and when he shoots, Future Lucy runs into the arrow and gets shot instead of present Lucy. He tries to kill her because she's going to close the gate but insists that she won't close it. Present Lucy is holding Future Lucy in her arms and Happy runs over to her crying. Future Lucy says that she thought she'd never get to see her friends ever again but she did one last time. Happy states that it doesn't matter what world she's from because no matter what your still Lucy. Lucy is Lucy! Happy is the one person that made me bawl my eyes out the most from this scene because he looks so sad and he doesn't want to lose Lucy. Then she asks present Lucy to see her guild mark and present Lucy is crying because future Lucy doesn't have a mark anymore. That makes me all sad and Natsu is tearing up over hearing that she doesn't have a guild mark anymore, he remembers the first time Lucy showed him her mark. Then she dies and you hear her say "Please protect the future" and Natsu gets shaken up by that. Rogue still wants to kill Lucy and tries to kill her too but Natsu blocks it and *fires* back. (No pun intended) Natsu says to Rogue, "I wont let anyone destroy Lucy's future, not while I'm alive". ALL OF THE NALU SHIPPERS UNITE!!!


I only felt sad seeing Ultear old then her smiling at Gray to disappearing, just that scene made me feel heavy hearted. I couldn't take it, it was beautifully sad. 馃槩
Just the fact that future!lucy had to live by herself without her friends for years really got me. The whole episode was beautiful and the ost had me bawling. I can only imagine how Lucy felt being able to see Natsu and everyone else in heaven.
I was so like Future!Lucys death hit me hard. I agree with all of these
don't forget when erza was at the tower and seen her own grave to sacrifice herself before Natsu pulled her from it
Gray's father passing on is the saddest moment by far.
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