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First and foremost, I want to say that I am completely and madly in love with BTOB... the entire group. I bias them all, Is it even possible not to?

Having said that, I do have a BTOB bias. His name is Jung Ilhoon and he has captured my heart and not only stood out amongst all the amazing members in his group, but he shot straight to number 2 on my top biases list.... and I'm 100% okay with it.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with this cute little peach and his Noona killing ways, I have included a nice video to give you just a taste of this amazing human and his killing abilities. Prepare yourselves for the Ilhoon.

Do you still have a pulse?

Good, cause there are a couple things I wanted to take a closer look at...

His body rolls and lip biting should probably be illegal.

Ah yeah, okay... that right there... yeah, keep doing that.

Are you a BTOB fan? Let me know and I'll tag you in future BTOB posts.PLEASE TAG ME IN ANY BTOB CARDS YOU POST! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM!!!
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I love all the BTOB boys too (and can't wait to see them at KCon). My daughter goes back and forth between Changsub, Peniel, and MinHyuk.
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@JaxomB I'm really bummed they aren't coming to KCON LA. I hope you have a great time in NYC.
2 years ago·Reply
@Helixx We're jealous that LA is getting Block B, CN Blue, and Astro.
2 years ago·Reply
OMG ILHOON! Almost as bad as those gifs i sent you. He can't overlap my feels for Eunkwang and Minhyuk....Dad and Mum come first!
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