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So for those who have been reading my fan fic's and those just joining HIIII! I'm sure it's going to be extremely easy to tell I love Panda's! Lately it's all about them and randomly find them everywhere. Well I came across a site that had idols and their stuffed animals and found someone else loves panda's! I had to post these gifs, they are just so adorable! Enjoy them! Yes even my bts fam I'm tagging! You've been with me through my panda verses in the story
This is so adorable! He's building his Panda family. The fan who gave him the big panda got his jacket, omg that was so awesome! Lucky Fan, lol Lucky Seungri who got his Panda family! So I have found someone else with a love for Panda's!
ohh I love Pandas too! Did you know there is a website that has 24/7 footage of pandas in China? it's the best thing ever made!!!
You made me look for the video! Tooooooooooo cuuuuute!
I have a big panda in my room, at that time didn't even know that kpop existed, my dad bought it because it was the biggest one in the store, now everytime I see it it makes me remember Tao and Seungri
OMIGAWD this is so cute!!! This also reminded me of Bom building her Poong Poong Family😆
so cute!
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