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What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy? A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved! ☆MY PHOTO EDITING! I will be having different cover photo☆Need to catch up《 ° SNEAK PEEK ° part 12 ° Part 11 ° Part 10 ° Part 9 ° Part 8 ° Part 7 ° part 6 ° part 5 ° part 4.1 ° part 4 ° part 3 ° part 2 ° part 1 ° preview
So what if your hearts breaking it doesn't matter, So what if you once thought it was meant to be, it was only a stupid game to him to begin with. Maybe it was true what your sister told you, he'll never love you the same way he loved Him your just the second choice until they meet again. "(Y/N)! I've come to save you from this prison places you call a home!" Bobby shouted playfully "Yah! if it's a prison then why do you always come over" your mother smack him on the shoulder as he chuckled. you loved his smiling eyes and that beautiful chichi smile of his that you couldn't help but feel so good to just by seeing it. today wasn't a good morning for you, you woke up feel shitty and down because of the nightmare you had again. it was about Bobby and how he was cheating on you with someone else. it felt so real to you that you cried so hard hoping it was all just a dream but for some strange reason you couldn't seem to escape it. You cried out to Bobby and ask him what was it that you did wrong for him to just betray you like that the word that he said lingered in your head. "You weren't him" you sat up in your bed as you rubbed your eyes Bobby busted open your room door with his foot as he leap in your bed. "Good morning lazy butt!!" Bobby hugged you "good morning... what are you doing here?" you asked Bobby with a sleepy tone of voice "that a good question" "seriously what are you doing here?" you asked again "I had a day off and I thought I could spend it with my sunshine" Bobby said in a cliché tone of voice you giggle as you kiss his lips, bobby deepen the kiss as he slowly calmed over you; laying you back down onto your back. You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck as he placed one hand in your cheek while the other supported his weight. you took a deep sharp breath in as he broke the kiss and moved down to your neck. you let out a small moan as you felt your body heating up Bobby press his pelvic against you causing you to feel his member; you hitched a bit. Bobby grind a bit as he was in between your legs causing you to spread them open a little bit wider and your body and back to arch back thrusting your hips up as you press your pelvis closer. his hot breath sent shivers down your body causing your nipples to harden as you weren't wearing a bra. Bobby hiked up your grown as he slide his large hands onto your breast. you hummed a moan of satisfaction. "Awe your such a horn dog aren't you bobby" your younger brother pulled Bobby off you by his ear. you quickly pull down your gown as your face flushed bright red. Bobby stared at your brother with a awkward smile your brother smiled sarcastically. "Hey you, when did you get back from America" Bobby playfully smack his chest "Stop trying to rape my sister Bobby" he glared "it isn't rape if she wants it" Bobby states "I will cut you" "DongHyuk cut it out already" you pushed him away from Bobby. "Noona why are you letting him do this things to you, your only 20 years old" donghyuk states "Yah! I'm about to turn 21 for your information" "Your still young noona!" he protested "so have you spoken to YG about your return?" Bobby asked donghyuk as he switched the subject "yeah I called him on my way over here" he responded "Ah okay that good how'd you like it over there?" Bobby question as he sat on to your bed "It's was actually really good I had fun" DongHyuk exclaims "really what you-" "get off my sister bed bobby" DongHyuk cuts him off "geez relax don't get all snappy" Bobby jokes "DongHyuk did you meet any cuties?" you asked as you walked back from the bathroom. "One actually" DongHyuk giggle a bit as a grin appear. "ayyyyyeeeee! that my boy" Bobby wraps his arms around him "Get off me" DongHyuk demands "alright then" Bobby awkwardly moved away as donghyuk continued glaring. ~~~

few weeks later

B.I look out small oval window as the view was quite breath taking. The light blue sky the pure white fluffy clouds and the bird view of the Crystal clear ocean. B.I smiled as he lean back onto his seat he was so happy he wanted to jump out of his seat. But instead he just smiled and wiggled around a bit doing the happy dances. "Why so happy young man?" another passager asked him "I'm finally go home" B.I smile grow as his eyes got watery with joy "congratulations young man" the old man smiled back B.I thank the man and slouch back down onto his seat and let out a heavy joyful sigh with the most biggest smile on his face as he looked out the window again. B.I was so happy to finally move back to Korea. It was all thanks to a contest he did and end up winning a pay trip to seoul. B.I also felt free since his mother moved to LA and is taking care of his sisters, finally B.I had no responsibility or worries since the award for the winner was also to pay for any school he wish to go to in Korea also low pay for rent and since his job had a Corporation in Seoul they just transfer him. B.I squeals a bit as he could feel his heartbeat beating super fast. B.I look out the window again as he saw the green fields he was here in Korea just a couple of hours until the plane reaches the airport. B.I flinched from his phone suddenly vibrating, he quickly checks it as a big smile returns again as he reply to the texts B.I: 'I'm almost here just a few more minutes until it lands' Dork:' I can't wait to see you i miss you so much already' B.I hugged his phone as he read the message and whispered to himself 'your such a dork' his cheeks blushed pink. the pilot soon announce that the plane was going to land and inform everyone to buckled up. B.I did as told and quickly buckled up as he took a deep breath. One thing B.I hated about being on a plane was when it took off it made you feel so weird like if your in a racing car that about to go full speed but once it off the ground you feel all the weight left off your shoulder but when it landed it felt like when your on a roller coaster and it's on the part when it about to drop. the Plane finally lands and they let off all the passagers B.I rushed out of the plane and down the hall as he made it to the lounge area where you get your bags. while B.I patiently waited the man from the plane pats B.I on his back. "Waiting for your girl" the old man asked "um...I guess" B.I response nervously "she must be a lovely lady to get a guy like you" the old man complemented B.I nervously bite his bottom lip as he force a smile and nods his head, he bows as the old man waves goodbye and leaves. B.I rolled his eyes and let out a huff, he had almost forgotten he was back in Korea and how it was so different from America. he rubbed the back of his neck as he looked around to see if B.I spotted someone out. He begin to walked a bit more when suddenly he feels someone wrap their arms around him. B.I quickly pulls away in fear, his eyes become sweet and lovingly as he notice who it was. "Did I scare you?" he pouts "Fuck yes but it's okay seeing your cute face made it all better" B.I grins as he pinched his cheek. "so did you miss me" B.I cutely ask as they walked to the car "Like crazy as always." B.I blushed as he put his things in the trunk and got into the car. Who would have thought that B.I would be happily in love again to be by his side again. "Can I kiss you now Hanbin" "You don't have to ask DongHyuk" B.I smirks DongHyuk lean in close to B.I as he planted a sweet kiss but smirk in between the kiss uncontrollably. he couldn't help it B.I was just so happy and thank good for donghyuk car for having tinted windows. °•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆~~> "Where donghyuk he's going to be late for practice" Bobby asked the other members "last thing I heard, he went to go pick up a friend at the airport" Yunhyeong said as laid on the floor "Seriously he comes back from America and he act like he the shit" Bobby slurs "Junhoe could you please stop checking yourself out in the mirror, your hair fine damn it" Bobby bark Jinhwan notice how Bobby seem a bit grumpy today. he didn't seem like the playful Bobby that is usually annoying the hell out of everyone. what could be bugging Bobby? "geez who piss you off today?" chanwoo asked as he walked into the room Bobby glared and stormed out the room as he headed to the balcony. Bobby lean against it as he looked up at the clouds. Bobby didn't know why he felt so mad today he just woke up feel anxious and piss off. It's like something very important to him was just took away from him. Bobby grunted as he ruffles his hair, he felt a sharp pinch in his chest. Bobby brows frowned as he gripped onto his shirt. the aching suddenly grow bigger as it spread the pain became harder for Bobby as he drop down to ground clenching onto his chest. Bobby tried to calm down as he gasp for air. it's been so long since this had happen to him but why now what could it be that triggered Bobby anxious again. Jinhwan ran to Bobby as he saw him on the ground. "Bobby what's wrong" Jinhwan quickly stood him up "It's nothing just my chest really hurts" Bobby tried to explain still holding onto his chest "lift up your arms and stretch Bobby" Jinhwan advised him just as Bobby did as told his chest made a popping sound that made him bend forward resting onto the ledge. suddenly he see a black car pulling up front of YG family entertainment. Jinhwan look over as well and see DongHyuk step out of the car. Bobby started to look mad as he is ready to scold donghyuk. just as Bobby was about to shout out donghyuk name he freezes as the person in the passagers seat step right out of the car. Meanwhile as donghyuk stop the car B.I looks around, this place seem familiar. donghyuk told him to quickly follow him as B.I step out of the car he notice where he was and tried to get back in. Donghyuk ran towards him and tries to pull him out but B.I continuously said no as he held onto the car seat. "Come on why don't you want to come out" DongHyuk whine "I just don't okay" B.I said "please I want you to see me dance and look cool" DongHyuk pouted "I could see that at my place just the two of us" B.I tease "as tempting as that is I have to come to practice and I'm already late so I'm pretty sure I'm going to get yelled at already so please get out of the car" DongHyuk begged B.I "DongHyuk were where you!?" that voice, B.I knew it anywhere "I'm sorry Jinhwan I had to pick up a very good friend of mine" DongHyuk rub his neck as he explained "it took you that long seriously do you know how piss off Bobby is right now" Jinhwan scold B.I eyes widen the thought of bobby being here grinched at his chest. he didn't want to run into Bobby any time soon or at all to begin with. B.I slouched lower into his seat as he pulled his hoody over, covering his face. "Anyways hurry up and get to the practice room" Jinhwan demand "okay let's me just get my friend out of car" Jinhwan turns around and walks over to the car, B.I panics as he tried to slouch more. Jinhwan stop right beside B.I unaware that it was him and glared at the boy slouching with the hoody on. "Hurry up and get out we don't have time for you shenanigans." Jinhwan uttered as he grab B.I by the wrist and yank him out the car still unaware. B.I tried to pull away as he held onto his hoody keeping it from falling as he stared at the ground. Donghyuk following along in a rushes with a very happy smile. Finally entering the elevator Jinhwan let's go as B.I back is turn on him as he continued to stare at the ground. Jinhwan focus onto the boys body more it's seem strangely familiar Jinhwan tried to get a glimpse of his face but at that very moment the elevator doors open and B.I sprints out DongHyuk following behind as he grabs B.I and drags him the other way. B.I digged his heels of his shoes to the ground as he tried to pull back but Jinhwan suddenly pushed him from his back as they enter the practice room. B.I stood there frozen for a moment not sure of what to do. "Yah!! donghyuk drop and give me 20!" Yunhyeong shouted playfully B.I Body tense up even more as he heard his voice "Each, 20 each" Junhoe joked "So 20 dollars each right" Chanwoo clarified "thanks Chanwoo for killing the joke" Bobby slurs as he walked closer to B.I B.I could hear Bobby foot steps approach him as his breathing got heavier. Bobby filled with anger as he knew how hard B.I was trying to hide as he stop right in front of him. Bobby glared burn through B.I clothing. "who are you?" Bobby said with a piss off tone of voice as he pretend not to know "He's a very good friend of mine that I just pick up from the airport" DongHyuk smiled as he placed his hand on B.I shoulder "Don't be a disturbance and sit by that corner over there" Bobby ordered B.I still staring at the ground nod carefully as he made his way to the seat by the corner. Bobby watched intensely with blood shot eyes at B.I his blood boiled with anger. B.I watched silently as they all practice most of the time his eyes stayed focus on Bobby. B.I carefully watched as Bobby showed them review the dance moves their dance choreographer had showed them last time. Bobby sneaking glances at B.I through the mirror, for a quickly second their eyes nearly met. B.I quickly looked away and stood up, Donghyuk notice and walked over to him. "what's wrong are you okay?" he asked B.I quietly "yeah I just gotta go to the bathroom" B.I lied "okay it's just down the hall to the left" B.I already knew even though its been so long he still remember this place and knew where everything was at like the back of his hand. B.I made his way down to the bathroom as he stood over a sink, pulling the hoody off; it was getting hot under there. meanwhile Bobby notice B.I leave and told everyone to take a 10 as he exit the room. everyone drop to the ground and chattered as Yunhyeong and Chanwoo tackled DongHyuk. Meanwhile B.I splashed his face with water as he look up at his reflection. he felt sacred to be caught by Bobby almost as if he was cheating on him even though their not even dating. B.I shook his head as he tried to take deep breath just in that moment Bobby barges in causing B.I to jump a bit. B.I eyes widen as Bobby approach him pushing him against the wall. "Why didn't you tell me you came back?" Bobby asked with a angry voice "Why do I have to tell you" B.I states "What do you mean why and why where you with donghyuk?' Bobby question again "That not any of your business" B.I pushed bobby aside as he tried to walk away. Bobby grab B.I by his arm yanking him towards him. B.I tried to pull his arm away but Bobby tighten to hold as he shoved into a bathroom stall. B.I struggle around as Bobby pinned both his arms against the bathroom stall walls. "did you really think I wouldn't notice it was you how stupid do you think I am" Bobby addressed "Let me go bobby" B.I growled "You think hiding your face I would recognize you, your body form has changed and I know your body form more then anyone else" Bobby mentions "Fuck you Bobby I have no reason to explain crap to you" said B.I as he tried to break loose of bobby hold "have you really moved on?" Bobby voice weakens B.I look away as he turns his head to the side. he could feel Bobby hot breath against his neck; B.I shivered. the bathroom stall was small place it didn't not have enough place for two people so Bobby was just 1inch away from B.I. Bobby scan the vain on B.I neck he notice the way B.I shut his eyes tightly. unable to resist Bobby kiss B.I neck cause him to exhale a sharp trembling breath. Bobby slowly brushes his lips over B.I collarbone as he moved in for a kiss. B.I hitched as he felt Bobby member against his. Bobby to the chance to kiss B.I soft lips slipping his tongue in. B.I tried to fight him off but slowly was drawn into it as Bobby release his hold and B.I wrapping his arms around his neck. Bobby unzip b.i jack as he lifted up his shirt and Trail down his chest and stomach with his moist lips as he undid B.I jeans. B.I grip Bobby hair as he felt his hot breath near his member tossing his head back as Bobby wrapped his lips around them. B.I bite back his moans as Bobby moving back and forth sucking onto B.I member as one hand also rub the rest of it. B.I watched as Bobby gave him head as he bites down on to his shirt then starts to grab Bobby hair and guides his head movement himself. Bobby let out a muffled moan as B.I being dominance aroused him more. Bobby unzipped his pants and pulled out his members as he begins to jack off. B.I grunted as he thrust his hips a bit nearly fucking Bobby mouth. Bobby shut his eyes tightly as he almost had all of B.I memeber in his mouth. With a hard thrust Bobby deep throated B.I. Quickly pulling away as he let out a cough Bobby touch his own throat he was not able to take it all in yet. Bobby look up at B.I who had such a lusting look on his face causing Bobby to pull the toilet seat lid down and sit as he grab B.I by the hips and sat him down onto his member. B.I let out a grunt as his back arched. B.i rolled his hips as Bobby buried his face onto his chest. Bobby letting out grunts of moans as B.I grind and bounced on his member. It's been so long since they felt such a sensational feeling as they both moan in a unison. their breath being shallow as their body glowing with sweat. Bobby nibbling on B.I shoulder as B.I slipped his hands into bobby shirt as he clawed his nails across his back. "Fuck your so hot" Bobby uttered "Bobby I'm gonna-" B.I begins to lose His pace but Bobby grabs his waist and guide them moving up and down, slamming him down onto his member B.I ass smacking down onto Bobby lap as he let out a load pleasuring moan as he came all over Bobby shirt and Bobby releasing his juice inside of B.I as he held him, B.I still sitting onto his lap. B.I thought to himself 'how did it come to this" as he slowly tried to stand up but his knees buckled as his back sent a sharp stinging feeling up his spine. Bobby quickly caught B.I fall as he tried to help him up. "Let me go" B.I growled. Bobby listen as he slowly let go B.I pulled his pants back on and zipped up his jacket as he held onto the bathroom door as he made his way to the sink. Bobby carefully watching as he got dressed as well. B.I washed his again as he glared at bobbys through the mirrors. "Please don't hate me" Bobby plead "I fucking hate you bobby!" B.I grunted under his breath. "Hanbin please don't leave me" Bobby plead B.I snarled at him as he rolled his eyes. "Hanbin are you okay..." DongHyuk enters the room as he glance over at bobby "what happen Hanbin are you okay?" he quickly rush to B.I said as he placed his hand onto his forehead. "I'm fine I'm fine" B.I slightly grins "you sure you look pale and out of breath" DongHyuk press his forehead against B.I forehead. Bobby Brows frowned at the sight he glare at donghyuk as he notice the way b.I smile glows. B.I told donghyuk to stop as he blushed donghyuk chuckled as he caressed his cheek. Bobby eyes filled with jealousy. B.I wrapped his arm over DongHyuk shoulder as he helped him stand up. Bobby watched as they walked out of the bathroom as he clenched his fist. Bobby turn to look at his reflection he felt disgusting at himself as he Punched the mirror. "I can't believe He's moved on" he cringed his teeth. ~~ DongHyuk help B.I into the car then went to the drivers seat B.I smiled at him. donghyuk lean in and kiss B.I then smiled. "so are you sure your okay? did Bobby do something to you?" DongHyuk asked worryingly "No its fine" B.I response as he rested on the seat. "Good because then I'll tell (Y/N) so she'll scold him" DongHyuk mention B.I turn to look at him as he seem confused. "(Y/N)? how do you know her?" B.i asked "She my older sister why?" DongHyuk said as he continued staring at the street. B.I eyes widen as his heart dropped. "SISTER!?" B.I shouts "yeah why do you know her?" DongHyuk asked B.I quickly sat up straight, he couldn't believe this. Donghyuk glance over to him with a smile. B.I realize why that smile look so familiar too him. he cringed his teeth as he gripped onto the seat. "No...just that you have a sister is she as cute as you" B.I said as he set back down. "haha not even" DongHyuk jokes "Ah, but why does it matter if you tell (Y/N)?" B.I asked curiously "Because if she mad at him she won't give him any" DongHyuk bust out laughing "their dating?" B.I throat tighten "yeah for a while now like maybe 1 year or so" B.I feel his eyes tearing up as he looked away. he couldn't believe it Bobby moved on so fast. Donghyuk finally made to B.i new place as he help him take his stuff up to his apartment. "wow it's small" DongHyuk states "No kidding" B.I agrees "make out now" DongHyuk teased "go home" B.I smile as he pushed him out the door. "not even a kiss" DongHyuk pouts "Fine just a kiss" B.I chuckled as he kiss DongHyuk. donghyuk slowly wrapped his arms around him, B.I placing his hand on DongHyuk back as they kiss deepens. B.I breaks the kiss with a smirk as he looked into donghyuk eyes. "just a kiss you said" B.I smirk "fine fine bye" He waved by as he drove home. DongHyuk walks into your room as he jumps onto your bed. you notice the smile on his face as nudge him. "What are you so happy about?" you asked him "Nothing nothing" he said teasingly "Yah tell me! you don't just come in here all happy peppy and say nothing who is she and what's her name" you asked him as you tugged on his shirt donghyuk continued chuckling as you bugged him spill but he shook his head no. Donghyuk look over at a photo you had by your desk and quickly got up and grab it. you notice the sudden look In his eyes. you walk over to see him staring intensely at a old high school photo of you bobby and B.I. "what's wrong?" you asked "you know him?" "Who that guy" you pointed at B.I "Yeah we were friends we weren't that close he was way closer to Bobby why?" "how close?" DongHyuk asked you without removing his eyes from the photo. "Um... they dated I guess" you respond the look on donghyuk grow with anger as he clenched his hold onto the photo. you tried to grab the photo by donghyuk snatched it away. "donghyuk why do you ask?" "Bobby and Hanbin dated?" DongHyuk eyes filled up with water. "How do you know Hanbin?" you asked him "Because their dating?" Bobby walked into the room. you and donghyuk look over at bobby who glared at donghyuk. "What?"youasked with a surprise tone of voice "What are you doing here" DongHyuk growled "to see my girl" Bobby cooed "What did you do him?" DongHyuk voice deep as he approached Bobby "what's going on Bobby what is DongHyuk talking about?" you asked but no one answer you "What makes you think I did something to him do you really have no confidence" Bobby said in a cunning voice "Don't feel so good knowing now who was the guy he talk about now I feel alot better" DongHyuk smirk "What did he tell you?" Bobby shoved donghyuk "Bobby stop it what's going on?" you stood in between "What you think we've only ever kiss I was in LA for a while Bobby. your not the only one who knows seen him completely" DongHyuk taught "don't tempting me donghyuk!" Bobby growled as he move you aside "try me bobby" DongHyuk shoved Bobby "Stop it!! already" you pushed donghyuk back as you nudge Bobby "Honesty donghyuk your no challenge I can win him back in no hesitation" Bobby word shot like a bullet to your chest DongHyuk grip Bobby by his jacket as he shoved him up against the wall. "You pieces of shit" DongHyuk grunted as Bobby just laughed "Why do you think he was so out of breath huh" Bobby taunt as donghyuk eyes widen "you fucking bastard your with my sister!!" DongHyuk punches Bobby you cover your mouth as the words echoed. Bobby shoved donghyuk pushing him against your hair dresser knocking down your things. you shouted at Bobby to stop but he only shoved you away. Bobby knees donghyuk in the stomach forcing the air out of him as he punched him. you tried again to pull away but failed. Finally you took a deep breath as you grab Bobby by the hair pulling him away from donghyuk. Bobby was shocked but slowly relaxed as he notice tears falling down your cheeks. "Get out of my house!" you yelled Bobby tried to reach over to you but you smack his hands away as you pushed out of your house. you cried as you slide down to the ground and hugged your knees donghyuk went over to you and hugged you. "hanbin?" you ask DongHyuk as he nods yes "(y/n)!!!" Bobby shouted desperately "Please I'm sorry!!!" he added "Don't leave me please whatever happened to forever just us together forever!" Bobby mentions you open. the door as you walked up to him and stared into his eyes for a moment Bobby felt B.I presence within you as you cooed "there never was a us" Bobby felt a aching pain again as you slapped him once again and just before shutting the door youmentioned "It's like anybody you touch you seem to ruin"
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Why Bobby? 😦😦😦😦Things were finally going good and you just couldn't keep it in your pants. 😣😣😣😣Now you hurt not 1, not 2, but 3 people at once. Bobby is such an a-hole.😬😬😬😬 **😈** A good plot twist would be if she ended up pregnant with his child.**😈** Muahahhahahah**😈😈😈😈
It's to early for this Vinny... Tooo early... Bobby is just gonna lose everything.. How can you just sex up hanbin then beg your gf not to leave you . How does he think that's supposed to work.. 😟😟😟
Oh oh oh so this is how you wanna play?
i hate bobby so much right now...not cuz he cheated on me but also hurt my brother..
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