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Genre: Soulmate!AU, fluff, and possibly angst
When there was a sign, it would start to flutter its wings, the once still figure starting to make small movements that almost signalled the beginning of a new start. Then, its wings would start to flutter faster, a dance beginning as it makes its way off into the world to its missing piece, leading the connected soul to its counterpart. Despite the obstacles that it may face, it will never cease to lose its soul in the midst of any chaos that can happen during its journey to its missing piece. And when it does find its equivalent, it greets it almost gently before the two pieces come together, leaving the two souls that they led in absolutely awe and surprise, for they have found their soulmates with their pieces’ journeys to get to each other.
That’s how they described the flight of the cranes. They described it as something magical and irreplaceable in the minds of those who have found their soulmates. Enlightening and exciting. Amazing even.
Yet whenever Moonbin heard the story of people’s cranes and how they found each other, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit empty.
His crane was still on his left wrist, the black lines that created the tattoo-like creature still unmoving. It was small, resting at the right side of his wrist, covering a part of his veins. Its beak pointed to the right, almost upward, but it showed no signs of moving.
And Moonbin wished for it to move and start fluttering its triangle-like wings so badly.
His group member,Sanha, sat next to him on the waiting room sofa, observing the boy look at his crane in an almost solemn matter.
“Hyung, why do you keep looking at it?” Sanha asked, causing Moonbin to get out of his trance and look up at Dongmin almost blankly.
“Hmm?” Moonbin replied as he looked at Sanha.
“Why do you keep looking at your crane?” Sanha asked once more as he pointed to the small creature on Moonbin’s wrist.
Moonbin looked down at his wrist before covering the crane with his sleeve.
“It’s nothing,” he said, “I was just looking at it because I was just… wondering.”
“About what? When it flies?” Sanha asked.
Moonbin nodded his head, “I just… I just can’t help but wonder what it would be like once it starts to fly. You’ve experienced before, haven’t you? The flight?”
“Psh, no,” Sanha replied as he leaned back into the velvet seat, “My crane’s still on my wrist.”
He pulled up his sleeve to reveal a small, beautiful blue crane on his right wrist that almost twinkled when it shone in the light.
“To be honest, I don’t understand why it’s so blue and sparkly,” Sanha said, “It’s like they decided to paint mine blue and dump a bunch of glitter on it.”
“Maybe that means your soulmate is really flashy?” Moonbin guessed jokingly, causing Sanha to chuckle.
“If she is, then I’ll be flashy with her,” Sanha wittingly replied, causing the two of them to break out into laughter.
“But hyung, yours is so cool,” Sanha said, “It’s like a tattoo.”
“Eh, it’s kind of boring,” Moonbin replied, “Yours is more fun.”
“I guess,” Sanha said as he ran his thumb across the crane gently, the creature not making any movement as he expected.
“You know, I find it weird that our cranes only move at that one point,” Sanha said, “Because if it could fly, I would play with it all day.”
Moonbin chuckled, “Well, i guess the lack of movement is what makes it so exciting.”
“What makes you say that?” Sanha asked.
“Well, I guess once it starts to finally move, it’s like all of that anticipation and waiting has kind of paid off. It doesn’t really make sense when I say it, but you get what I mean, right?”
“Yeah, I do,” Sanha smiled.
“Congratulations to the class of 2016!”
And then before she knew it, caps were flying into the air, cheers of excitement were heard all across her fellow peers, and the journey that had led her to graduation had finally reached its destination.
And at the feeling of finally reaching this point in her life, Y/N couldn’t help but smile.
The girl turned to see her best friend, Esin, come over to her, instantly bringing Y/N into a tight hug.
“We’ve finally graduated!” Esin exclaimed happily, hugging Y/N tightly.
“I know!” Y/N squealed, embracing her friend in happiness, “We’re finally done!”
“And you know what this means, right?” Esin asked as she pulled away from the embrace, holding Y/N’s hands in hers.
“What?” Y/N asked, a confused expression on her face.
“We can go on that trip that we wanted to go to!” Esin exclaimed,
“Trip?” Y/N asked, still confused about what Esin was talking about.
“Don’t tell me you forgot!” Esin said, ‘Remember that trip that we planned in freshman year?”
Y/N pondered for a moment before finding the memory in her mind, “Oh! Yeah, now I remember!”
“Yeah, now you remember. Anyway, we said that once we graduated, we were going to go on a trip for the summer before we have to leave to college.”
“Uhuh, and we decided between Paris and Seoul, right?”
“Mhmm,” Esin nodded her head, “And now that we’re officially graduates, it’s time to pick which city we’re gonna go to.”
“Can’t we just go to both?” Y/N pouted, only to be answered with Esin shaking her head.
“Nope, we’re not rich, so we can only go to one,” Esin said.
“Then… Seoul,” Y/N decided.
“Really? I thought you’d pick Paris,” Esin said.
“I’ll go there when I find my soulmate,” Y/N replied, “And Seoul’s full of possibilities and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.”
“You’re right about that,” Esin agreed.
Esin took a deep breath before saying, “Alright Y/N, let’s pack our bags because we are going to go to Korea.”
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