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Out of all the contestants on smtm Juno was one of the people who I was really looking forward to . I can't believe that he's already out... I do have to give props to Hash Swan (Hashswan?) though since he does have good flow. I'm not really sure how I feel about his tone, but I can't deny that he is unique, whereas Junoflow has a more typical American rapper feel. I could be wrong, but I also feel like Juno being eliminated might have something to do with how much English he used in his lyrics. Apparently mnet isn't doing a revival round this year either which upsets me even more. I don't know who cjamm and bewhy are going against for this round, but if they're facing each other then is mnet really going to eliminate one of them??
Not completely related to this card, but I've totally been digging Flowsik's flow (lol). It's too bad that Seungyoun lost but I really like Flowsik's voice. I really hope that he goes far in the competition.