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please don't come and say is just immature armys, honestly I'm also an Army but now I'm embarrassed to even mention it. Most, and I say Most army's need to learn that it won't always be about BTS and that they are other groups, Not Just BTS I love them and all but MOST of you all are making the fandom look bad.
Wait what's going on with EXO? Why are ARMYs making us all look worse people are hating us and it's not fair to the ARMYs that aren't doing this kind of bullshit.
when your in both fandom so you quietly watch as they fandom wars begin while eating popcorn
yeah but its not the whole fandom which ppl have to remember. there are always going to be those few in every fandom that bash on others which they shouldn't. so its not just armys as a whole its just a few and everyone should know that instead of bashing on armys as a whole.
@twistedPuppy tehe I'll accompany you. when did all this happened I'm really late on news been busy with school and work I haven't catch up with what going on with army and exo I just found out exo trailer yesterday
I really wish fandom get along! I'm an ARMY BUT IM IN MULTIPLE FANDOMS. which means I support every single group having a comeback because honestly every group works hard! It really is difficult being an ARMY lately because of all the bad things happening but I stay in it to hopefully let others know that we are all NOT like that. In other words I'm extremely excited for EXO comeback! (They look so handsome OMG)
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