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Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU.
Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)
Type: Action, Fluff, Angst
Length: 2,816 words

TRIGGER WARNING: Blood, Violence

You honestly don’t remember much.
Your throat was bone dry as your tongue swiped the flesh of your inner cheek and your eyes scanned the eerie basement for any unknown shadows. The only sound your ears were registering was the pounding of your heartbeat, and your clammy hands almost didn’t feel linked to your body as they clutched the loaded gun for dear life. Jin was leading the way through the darkness due to the fact he could easily navigate the maze known as the hideout of BTS, and Kyungsoo was bringing up the rear of your trio. There was a slight sense of security knowing that you were cushioned in between the two gang members, however you couldn’t control the adrenaline rushing throughout your entire body due to the fact this was the final moment.
You were steps away from finding Chanyeol - dead or alive.
You were steps away from meeting TBM, the man who had lied to you your entire life.
You were steps away from fulfilling your destiny.
You felt almost absent from your body as autopilot took over and fully concentrated on following Jin’s back in front of you. You were unsure of whether or not it had been a few minutes or a complete hour, everything felt like an out of body experience. However, before you knew it, the male was leading the way to an opened door in front of him and you could almost feel the dread beginning to suffocate your lungs. A wave of pure fear washed through your entire body and you could feel the hair along your spine stand straight up, the taste of vomit immediately forming on your tastebuds. You attempted not to gag as the stentch of rotting blood wafted straight up into your nostrils, and once you were able to peek out of your clenched eyelids, you noticed that your companions were in disgust as well.
After spluttering a few times and eventually attempting to compose yourself on the outside, you managed to side step Jin and stumble inside the pitch black basement. The smell only worsened, but you refused to fall victim and merely continued to trudge on. You could hear footsteps behind you, and when you turned, you felt an incredible amount of relief to spot the two men continuing to stay by your side. The three of you shone your flashlights around all over the revolting ground, however nothing that resembled a body seemed to appear. In fact, you noted that the entire floor was spotless, unlike the previous basement that contained abandoned furniture and belongings of all sorts.
You stopped though, when you noticed an object up ahead.
You halted completely in your tracks and your hand was almost frozen as it refused to move the light away from the silhouette blocking your path. Your mind was attempting over and over again to make a use or find meaning in the old record player sitting proudly and waiting patiently for you to come across it, however it wasn’t adding up in your mind. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but when you lifted your flashlight ever so slightly, your eyes could not mistake the pair of black shoes you saw a few yards behind the music player.
Your heart stopped and fell straight into the pit of your stomach, your eyes doubling in size as you could feel the beating organ turn to full ice from the amount of terror plaguing your body. The breath was knocked right out of you, and as you tried your absolute best to say something to warn your friends of the immediate danger, you couldn’t find any words to summarize the horror. The life was almost sucked out of you as time seemed to freeze and the clanging of the metal flashlight finally seemed to wake you up from your trance. It seemed as though the two boys had seen the sight as well due to the fact Jin screamed for everyone to run, and before you knew it, you were crawling hands and knees on the floor.
Your shaking hands were fumbling for the flashlight amongst the cracked pavement, and you sucked in the air to let out a scream when you found fingers instead. Your vocal chords failed you however, because you looked up to find the calm eyes of Kyungsoo as he quickly tossed your flashlight over to you and motioned for you to follow him. His hand grabbed yours as he yanked you off the ground and began to run in the opposite direction. You turned around to shine your flashlight on the situation behind you, and you found Jin facing off against a man cloaked in complete black. Your opponent had his back facing you, however your friend could see your face and he gave you a soft smile before he faded from view and you were plunged into darkness once more.
You were so focused on looking behind you that you didn’t notice what was coming up ahead, however your head snapped back when you heard Kyungsoo utter a startled curse. He had slowed down to nearly a stop and you barely avoided colliding with his torso, and you were also floored by what was standing in front of you. The entrance to a maze seemed to almost be teasing you, however the worst part seemed to be the fact that the walls were made completely of mirrors - which resulted in much confusion even from the outside. You happened to hear a scream from none other than Jin all the way in the background though, which not only caused your shoulders to shrug up from the loud and painful noise, but also your feet to rapidly begin moving right alongside Kyungsoo.
Your heart was pounding in your throat as the two of you split up in order to find the fastest route out of the maze. You knew that Jin didn’t seem to hold much of a stance against TBM which meant that you and Kyungsoo probably wouldn’t be able to hold your ground for too long either. You were still incredibly thankful to your new and most unexpected friend though, and you were well aware of the fact that you wouldn’t have gotten this far without his help. Your fears were only confirmed when a scratching noise interrupted your panicked breaths and sounded throughout the entire room, before music began to play. Your brain honestly couldn’t register what had just happened for a solid few seconds, it was then that your mind digested the fact that someone had just turned on the record player.
Hush Hush Hush
Here comes The Boogeyman
Your fast paced breathing was only electrified and converted into whimpers as your nails scratched endlessly on the reflective glass. You were practically clawing and kicking your way through the maze and you seemed to have lost your comrade as you carefully called out for him. Once he responded, you realized that he was a good ways off to your left and he seemed to be trapped in a portion of the maze. Your hands and heartbeat accelerated as the situation only escalated further and further, you were not only being timed, but you were also being chased. The name Kyungsoo rolled off your tongue a few more times as you began heading in the direction that his voice was in, however at one point, you looked up to find a shadow standing right behind you.
A scream finally tore through your throat as your body took over and you flung yourself against the mirrors, carving your own path as you ignored the sounds of shattering glass and the stinging feeling of your skin being cut. Panic took over your limbs as you moved in any which way you could in order to escape the terrifying maze, and somewhere in the reflection of the mirror you were facing, you saw the outline of Kyungsoo tackle the shadow that had been following you closely. That however, didn’t stop you from stampeding through the walls until you finally made it out to the end.
You hadn’t been paying much attention to your own body, but you were practically in shock when you looked down to find that your clothes were practically torn and bright red dots littered your exposed skin. Your hands were shaking from the anxiety attack you had just suffered, and you had only paused because you could barely catch your breath.The adrenaline was preventing the pain from setting in, but you knew that you were certainly in for a treat if you ever happened to get out of this. When you looked up however, your jaw dropped when your brain realized who happened to be lying down facing the wall just up ahead.
The familiar clothes that Chanyeol had been wearing the night you two had been separated were slashed and caked with stains. You had been so used to his sunkissed skin, however now it almost seemed to resemble bleached and pearl white leather that clung to his bones. You weren’t even sure if he was alive and breathing because he could easily resemble a skeleton, but that certainly didn’t stop you from practically racing forward and flinging yourself to the ground in order to turn him over gently and place a hand on his cold cheek. You were choking on his name as you continually attempted to rouse him from the frozen state he was in, your trembling finger pressing ever so gently on the crook of his neck so that you could feel for a pulse.
The most distant and paperlike beating responded to your touch, and you had to cup your hand over your mouth to stop the noises of delight you were making.
Chanyeol was just barely gripping onto life.
You held in your tears as your teeth dug into the flesh of your bottom lip and the pads of your fingers ever so gently traced the curve of his jaw. It was almost unsettling to see how at peace he looked despite the fact he was coated in blood and surrounded by debris. It seemed as though he had almost accepted the fact that he was slowly dying and there was no way out of it. Your poor prince had finally given in to the harsh hand that he was dealt, he had stopped resisting and that made you realize that you needed to continue his fight. You weren’t going to let his flame go out so easily, you were going to be his gasoline.
You couldn’t outrun all of your fears any longer, it was time to face TBM.
You could feel the heat of the tears streaming down your cheeks as you shakily stood up and slowly marched right back towards the maze after hearing silence for quite some time, signalling Kyungsoo’s defeat.
The Boogey Man
There was no more time for you to hide underneath your covers and hide from The Boogey Man, the sole individual responsible for stealing you away from your parents and teaching you to live a lie. He was the person that caused your life to turn completely upside down, and you had been afraid of him your entire life as a father figure. You always slept with at least one light on and god forbid the closet was even a crack open - you had grown up terrified of shadows but it was time to put forth the light Chanyeol had given you.
He had taught you what it meant to be truly and utterly loved, and although you had known him for 2 weeks before realizing he had been a friend of yours for years, it had been the best 2 weeks of your life. You were living in color instead of black and white, and you realized that you weren’t afraid anymore if that meant being with the boy that had spent his life trying to unravel you from the web you had gotten tangled in. Although you knew that what you were doing now could be the difference between life and death, that wasn’t going to stop you because you knew that couldn’t stop Chanyeol.
You focused on your surroundings as you turned on your flashlight and readied your gun once more, ignoring the crunching noise of the cracked glass that your boots clumsily stepped on. You didn’t even have to enter the maze because the one man you were looking for was standing right outside, staring straight at you from underneath his top hat and his large glasses. Your heart was beating at an unnatural state as your glassy eyes refused to break contact, your numb fingers holding up the weapon as you neglected to say anything to interrupt the deadly silence. The record player merely continued to turn and turn in the background, continuing to innocently play the one song over and over again.
“Go ahead. Do it.”
His smooth voice reached your eardrums as you remained unmoving, staring him down until the last second.
“You’ve always been weak, you know that? You can’t do this to yourself darling - you see, you’re made of the most delicate china. Ever since you were a little girl, you were simply born with a glass heart little Babydoll-”
Your finger ruthlessly pulled the trigger and you didn’t flinch when he let out a grunt of pure surprise and instantly dropped to the ground. A flood of memories played like a film right behind your eyelids, however you refused to acknowledge the fact that he had been your parental figure for the majority of your childhood. He didn’t deserve that position in your life, and you just stood above his body as you turned your back on him and went to go and pick up Chanyeol. A part of you knew how cruel it was, but a bigger part of you knew that he was toxic and this was the best thing for you to do. You were positive he hadn’t flinched when it was your mother and father.
“Do you honestly think I…I would let you get away like this?”
The only thing you registered was the fact he was spluttering and coughing like a madman, but the loud noise of a gun broke through the atmosphere and you felt a hot shot of iron shoot straight through your side. You were in midstep and although you attempted to catch yourself, your legs suddenly didn’t work anymore and you dropped straight to the ground as warmth encased your back and rolled down your skin. When you went to inhale, breathing suddenly became difficult and in horror, you realized that your body was beginning to fail you.
Your hands desperately clung to the ground in front of you as you pulled yourself forward with all your might, ignoring the fact it made you weaker and weaker as you pulled yourself towards the body that was right in front of you. Tears weren’t going to help the fact you had been fatally shot, you didn’t have the time or the energy for those anymore. You merely had to concentrate on such a simple task in order to successfully carry it out and it felt almost like you were trudging through jello as you inched forward towards Chanyeol.
It was a miracle that you reached him, really, it was. But when you did, your warm and red stained hands grabbed onto his as your breath came out in wheezes and you finally felt your world crashing down. You hadn’t been able to save Chanyeol, you had let everyone down. Even worse, you were all going to die together in the basement of an unknown location. Just the idea of not being able to see the sun anymore, talk and joke around with the other boys, water the plants, go back to school - all these dreams were shattering right in front of your face and you felt the worst slap of reality. You were hiccuping from how upset you had suddenly become when Chanyeol’s eyes fluttered open and everything stopped.
And suddenly, everything was okay.
His almond eyes were very much alive, the warmth and sweetness of chocolate kisses appearing in the irises as his eyebrows furrowed together. Oh Chanyeol, you would honestly go to the end of the earth just for him, and the amazing thing was, he would do the exact same thing for you. You supposed that was what happened to make the two of you Partners in Crime, neither of you would give up on one another despite how dim the situation seemed to be. Your hand was shaking when you placed it back on his cheek, right where it belonged as you finally crashed and began to tear up yet again. You didn’t know what to say because you knew that your breath was leaving you, so you merely whispered what had been on your mind for ages.
“I love you.”
“I know, Babydoll.”
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