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I just wanted to say. I think I need to find more stories with an ending that's up to you. All of your answers in the comments were really unique. :)
You secretly glared at the girl V was smiling at. They werehaving a conversation happily, and V seemed completely oblivious to yourpresence.
You two were supposed to be spending time at BTS’ apartment,but on the way there, a pretty Korean ARMY girl stopped him for an autograph.You felt jealous and guilty for feeling jealous. You didn’t want to feel this emotionally gross.
You glanced back and forth between the two of them. She was close to tears from happiness, and V was grinning widely. You definitely sympathized with her, but you wanted to be away from the situation. The goofy Bangtan boy was still single. She could definitely go out with him if she asked.
Their meeting was over soon, though, and the two of you set off for the boys’ dorm again.
“She was really pretty,” you offered, smiling at him.
“A bit,” he agreed with you, thinking nothing of it. Your chest hurt, but you kept going anyway.
“Pretty enough to take on a date?” you teased him, lightly elbowing his arm.
“Ahh, I don’t know,” he laughed uncomfortably. He was kind of bad about talking about girls in this manner, and you loved to make him squirm. You decided to drop it this time, though.
“What type of movie do you want to watch?” you asked. You and V got together on Tuesdays to watch a movie together. You always wanted to watch something romantic with him, but you’d never suggest it. You were too embarrassed and nervous to tell him how you felt. Being friends was good enough for you.
“Maybe an action movie or something,” he suggested excitedly. “Or an anime movie.”
“I’d like an anime one,” you conceded.
You heard his phone buzzing in his pocket, and you got a bad feeling. You both stopped walking so he could answer it.
“Hello?…Yea, there is…” He glanced over at you. “No… I can be there soon… okay. I’ll see you there. Bye.”
And he hung up.
“You have to go, don’t you?” you pouted. V looked down at you guiltily and nodded. “But it’s Tuesday,” you complained. You knew you weren’t going to get your way, anyway.
“I’m sorry, [F/N],” he sighed sadly. You gave him a false grin, pretending like it was okay. It did make you feel a bit better to see his rectangular smile beaming back at you, though.
“You’ll just owe me,” you winked. “Call me when you get back tonight?”
“Of course!” he called as he jogged off in the opposite direction.
You waited for four hours. It was pouring buckets outside. You rested your cheek on the heel of your palm and stared out of the window. He’d call soon… right? Any minute now, for sure.
You were right.
The ringtone you had set for him was his cover of “Someone Like You”. You liked to listen to it for a bit before you answered; his voice was beautiful. You answered it before it was too late.
“[F/N]! I’m back at—” there was a break as a girl’s voice squealed in the background “—I’m back at the dorm. If you can find a way to come over, then we can still watch a movie if you want.”
Your eyebrow twitched in annoyance.
“How would I get there? I don’t have a car.”
There was some strange noises on the other end of the call, but then they all stopped.
“Sorry, I was outside. Some girls saw me. Come over if you can,” he pleaded.
“I don’t think so,” you replied accidentally with a hint of bitterness in your voice. “I can’t get over there. It’s pouring too much. It’s dangerous.”
“Oh… okay.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Taehyung.” You hung up and immediately regretted the entire conversation. You were going to see him, apologize, and watch an anime movie together. You stood and strode towards the door quickly, whipping up your coat on the way out. You stopped at the front door, hesitating momentarily at the rain. You frowned but walked outside anyway.
It was less than a minute before you were completely drenched. You were struggling to walk through the torrent, and you felt like the water that had soaked into your clothing was weighing you down more. The persistent drops from the sky made you more irritated as you kept walking. You were shaking a bit by the time you reached the corner of your street, but you were determined to see V.
After plodding through puddles for what seemed like an eternity, you finally arrived at BTS’ dorm. Jin was on his way out as you arrived shaking violently, stuttering, cold, and very, very wet.
“[F/N]? Is that you?” Jin asked, speed-walking towards you. After you nodded and smiled weakly, he grabbed you by the elbow and pulled you under some cover.
“I need to leave, but Taehyungie is in there. Let yourself in,” he finished as he turned to leave. You did as he told, opening the door gratefully. A splash of warmth hit you as you entered the room. You pulled off your shoes, but you realized that you were dripping. You’d get water all over their floor.
“T-Tae?” you called hopefully. You heard hurried, thudding footsteps from the bedroom.
“[F/N]! I thought you weren’t going to come!” V’s voice rang with excitement. You were greeted by the sight of him in well-fitted, slightly torn jeans and a thin, white tank top, and you couldn’t tell if you were really that cold anymore.
V finally saw that you were completely soaked and literally dripping.
“Did you walk here?” he asked incredulously, stopping his movement from shock. You shivered more and nodded while wrapping your arms around yourself.
“C-c-could I have a t-towel?”
“Oh! Right.” He scuttled off to the bathroom quickly and returned with two towels and a set of clothing. “Here; you can change into these when you can get into the bathroom of something,” he looked somewhat proud of himself for coming up with the idea. It was adorable.
“O-okay,” you smiled at him, fumbling with one of the towels. You used it to dab at your clothes, not yet realizing that your hair was making everything else wet again. V set down the clothes he had gotten for you and grabbed the other towel. He flopped it on your head, making you squeal and jump in surprise.
“Don’t worry; it’ll all be over soon,” he laughed. He ruffled your hair with the towel to dry it. You blushed lightly at this, but you stood still so he could get the job done.
Soon, you were dry enough to waddle through the dorm to the bathroom. V giggled at your awkward movements, and you shot him a playful glare. You hobbled into the bathroom with your change of clothes and closed the door behind you.
You stripped down, noting with embarrassment that your underwear had been rendered completely unusable. You clutched the clothing V had given you to your chest. Then you realized that it was his clothing that he’d given you. Gingerly holding the black shirt on top, you sniffed it lightly. It smelled really good…
Never mind that, you scolded yourself. You pulled on the shirt and opened the door a little bit, using said door to shield your body.
“Tae? I think I have a problem.”
You didn’t want to tell him, but he came to you too quickly for you to change your mind.
“What’s wrong?”
“M… my underwear…” you choked out, face inflaming. V’s cheeks turned a bit pink, too, and it wasn’t helping the awkwardness.
“Well… you can use a tank top for your… um…”
“Okay,” you conceded quickly. You wanted the conversation to be over. He left and came back with the tank top. You grabbed it from him and receded back into the bathroom. “Thank you,” you squeaked before shutting the door. You decided not to waste any more time with the clothing issue, so you just put on the pants and shirt he had given to you. Damn, they smelled good.
You had to hobble once again as your bare feet got caught on the hems of the pants. V was waiting for you in the TV room, and he grinned as he saw you penguin-walk to the couch.
“What are you staring at?” you huffed jokingly.
“You. You look really cute in those,” he replied with his trademark rectangular smile.
“Weirdo,” you grumbled. You turned your face to hide your blush as you curled up, knees to your chest, at your corner of the couch. “Did you pick a movie while I was in the bathroom?” You silently prayed for the blush to leave your face (the stupid, love-struck grin you bore, however, wouldn’t go away until the movie started.)
“Yes; it’s a Miyazaki movie. It’s called Howl’s Moving Castle.” He bit his lip in excitement.
You tingled with happiness. It wasn’t completely a romantic movie, but it definitely had romance in the story.
“Awesome; I’ll go get snacks.” You jumped off of the couch, eager for a chance to be alone and act like the fangirl you truly were. You scuttled into the kitchen, digging through the fridge. You found some of Jin’s leftovers, so you grabbed them and heated them up in the microwave. You thought about you and V watching Howl and Sophie’s story. It made you giggle quietly and bounce a little bit.
In a split second, you realized that maybe… you should tell V how you felt. The romance of the movie would set the right mood afterwards, right? You checked the microwave; it had thirty seconds left. You mumbled ‘I like you’ to yourself to practice. You glanced behind you to see if V was there; the coast was clear.
“So, I’ve kinda wanted to tell you this for a bit, but…” No, that was too long-winded. You could change your mind halfway throughout the sentence. The microwave beeped, and you pulled out the leftovers to stir them.
“I think you’re really attractive…” Your face fumed at that. There was no way you could tell him. A forward approach would be best.
“I like you.” That was simple enough. You decided to go with it.
“Taehyung, I really like you.” Your cheeks were still pink from practicing the words. Could you get them out in person?
And then you heard the one thing you didn’t want to hear from the doorway:
“Is that true?”
You froze in horror, and you couldn’t tell if all of your blood had rushed to your face or had drained from it. You turned around slowly, really, really praying that you hadn’t heard his voice. He stood in the doorway, much to your dismay, and bore a look of shock for the second time since you arrived. He was biting his lip again, and it took every ounce of your self-control not to stare at his mouth.
His attractiveness was making everything worse. You wanted to curl up into a ball and hide in a corner.
“[F/N], is that true?” V asked again quietly, taking a step in your direction. You instantly moved backwards, mouth gaping in shock, and your back hit the counter. You looked at the counter as if it had betrayed you.
“I… um… that is…” you stared fiercely at the ground. Your face was burning, and your mouth was dry. In your embarrassed, fearful stupor, you didn’t even hear V moving. Soon, he was standing in front of you, and he was so close, you could see his feet.
You unwillingly dragged your gaze from the floor up to his face. He was a lot closer than you had anticipated. Your hands searched the edge of the counter, praying that there would be a corner that you could use for an escape. There wasn’t one.
“Tae…?” He was peering at you intently. His brown eyes were lit up and hypnotizing. You pulled the fabric of the long-sleeve shirt you were wearing over the heels of your palms nervously.
V suddenly smiled at you, bringing his hand up to touch your hair.
“Does this mean I can call you ‘Jagi’ now?” he grinned and bit his lip once again.
“I like you too,” he explained distractedly. The smile was dimming from his face as he moved his hand from your hair to your cheek. He ran his thumb across your inflamed cheekbone.
He liked you back??
V’s eyes glanced towards your lips and leaned closer to you. His hand travelled to one more destination; he lifted your chin so you he could see your face clearly and brought his lips to yours gently. You leaned into the kiss carefully, and you removed your hands from the counter in the process.
He pulled away too soon.
“We have a movie to watch,” he murmured, rubbing his nose against yours cutely.
“Okay,” you breathed. You were slightly winded by the entire situation. V grabbed the leftovers you had prepared (that you had completely forgotten at this point) and used his other hand to pull you back to the TV room. You sat on the couch while V turned on the DVD.
After the movie started, and V sat down near you, you secretly looked between him and the screen, indiscreetly leaning close to him. In your last bout of courage, you rested your head on his shoulder. He jumped a little and stiffened, but he relaxed after a couple of moments. He held your hand and kissed your head, and, though you didn’t pick up on it, smelled your hair. In a swell of happiness, he nuzzled the top of your head with his cheek.
“Tae, what are you doing?!” you laughed as he hugged you and pulled you closer to him.
“Nothing, Jagi. I just really like you.”
With a final kiss to your lips, the two of you finally started to watch the movie.

CREDITS: Btssmutandfluff

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howls moving castle is my favorite movie and this was so cute my heart is screeching
Awwww...I mean just totally cute!!💖💖
Oh my gosh I love Miyazaki films! My friends and I even had a Miyazaki film night last week!
thats so cute
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