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Idk how to put it, but yeah im a strange person and im strange because of the the connections i have with people, i often feel like it doesn't matter if i see those people i still feel like we just hung out, i feel more comfortable with the fact that i am by myself, than with a group of friends, i don't feel lonely, cause i have always been alone.... for example my birthdays, i never felt were important to remember and honestly ud forget about them, friends/family too but its never really made me sad that im a shadow camouflaged by the haze that im just another face in the crowd, that i don't stand out, honestly even with my birthday next week i see another normal day i feel contempt even if no one tells me "happy birthday". and to be truthful my last couple of birthdays have been lonely like new kid in school lonely....... but i learned this so far everyday is special, everyday is your birthday, you rise up a new you from yesterday a rebirth so if you prefer to be alone then be alone if you want to be surround by loved ones then surround yourself, if you want to be with a lover then embrace yourselves, live life to the fullest however you want cherish your friends/family cherish the memories you make............. and as for me im most likely gonna be alone on my birthday like usual and since its my 21st im gonna go get smashed at a bar for the first time B/
Thanks! AdrianDean but im the only one who can legally drink at a bar so yeah kinda sucks but hey cheers 🍻
i feel that, but ill tell you happy birthday today because you live like everyday is you're birthday. 21 is a milestone, getting drunk on you're 21st is fun-er with company...have a good one.